‘Sometimes, Duty is the Death of Love’

Well, it’s finally over. All the secrets are out. Love it or hate it, the Game of Thrones finale has been presented, and it is what it is.

Dany and Jon have officially broken up, and not in an amicable way. Dumping the love of your life with a dagger in the heart is one of the more extreme ways to say things just aren’t working out, but at least they got a final kiss.


Besides, it wasn’t about love. It was about politics.

Jon did not want the Iron Throne, nor did he seem especially concerned about the threat Dany posed to his own life. His decision was driven by the final realization that his girlfriend was going to do a lot more damage to the world in the name of goodness.

He had shrugged off warnings from his sisters, including Arya’s expert opinion that she knows a killer when she sees one. He even looked past Dany’s victory speech during which she named Grey Worm “Master of War,” and the Unsullied rhythmically thumped their spears in a “Sieg Heil” response to each of her world-liberating declarations.

No, it wasn’t until an intense conversation with Tyrion, consistently the most rational and pragmatic character in the series, that Jon was convinced that Dany was unlikely to change her bloodthirsty Targaryen ways.

“When you heard her talking to her soldiers, did she sound like someone who’s done fighting?” Tyrion asked Jon.

“Love is the death of duty,” Jon said to Tyrion, quoting, of all people, the late Maester Aemon Targaryen.

“Sometimes, duty is the death of love,” Tyrion said, making it clear what he was begging Jon to do.

Despite that difficult decision, Jon made a final pitch to turn Dany away from her dark side before doing the deed. Dany was far too fixated on her destiny to listen or to even sense what was happening.

For a moment, I wasn’t sure who took the knife. When Dany fell, I wondered what the hell they were going to do for the rest of the finale.

Emotionally more charged for me was Drogon’s anguished reaction to his mother’s death. I had begun to see Drogon as a mindless weapon of war. When he turned his grief-induced hellfire on the Iron Throne instead of Cousin Jon, I felt that he understood the real forces at play and possessed an intelligence I had not suspected.

I don’t know where dragons go when they fly off with the bodies of their mothers. If dragons are sentient beings, I imagine they take them to some sacred final resting place known only to their species.

The finale was not without other key and touching moments:

Tyrion finds his way through the still smoldering ruins of Kings Landing to find the bodies of his siblings. Yes, both Jaime and Cersie were rendered very dead when the Red Keep subterranean ceiling came down upon their heads.

Once again, Jamie’s golden hand gave away his position. I thought Tyrion might take the artificial appendage as a memento. I believe that most, if not all, of his tears were shed for his brother. I still think Cersie’s demise should have been more prolonged and painful.

Tyrion, knowing that he is facing a fiery execution for freeing Jamie, removes his “Hand” badge and flings it down the stairway. Little did he know that he would again be saddled with that burden and tasked with fixing all his mistakes by King Bran the Broken.

Brienne completes Jamie’s life story in the Big Book of Royalty with “Died protecting his Queen.” True enough. No need to go into all the nasty details.

Jon reunited with Ghost at Castle Black. In addition to providing a home for bastards and broken men, the Night’s Watch supports the lifetime bond of a man and his Dire Wolf.

In the closing scenes, the House of Stark, seemingly bound for extinction throughout most of the series, fares far better than the formerly unstoppable House of Lannister.

Despite his distaste for titles and power, Jon appears to have taken on the mantle of King Beyond the Wall, leaving Castle Black with a group of Wildling families. Sansa is crowned Queen of the North. Arya is apparently commanding the SS Seawolf (my own name for the ship — just seemed appropriate) and embarking on a voyage of discovery.

I honestly can’t fathom why a reported million fans are so upset about the final Game of Thrones season that they are petitioning for a redo. I do understand how those overly enthusiastic parents who named their children Daenerys, Khaleesi or Grey Worm might be a bit peeved.

Game of Thrones “The Bells” — Ask Not for Whom They Toll

Which notable characters died in the Game of Thrones penultimate final season episode, “The Bells”?

In chronological order of their fates, they were (or are):

Varys — Decidedly Dead, extra crispy-style. A lesson for all who steadfastly stand by their core beliefs. I loved how he forgave Tyrion for betraying him with his final words: “Good-bye, old friend.” Despite his means-justify-the-ends methodology, Varys was one of the most noble characters in the series.

Euron — Deadish. He appeared to have become another crispy critter in Dany’s dragonfire destruction of the Iron Fleet, putting its new scorpion-based weaponry to shame. Yet, there he was at the secret cave entrance to the Red Keep, apparently no worse for the wear and just in time to meet Jamie in a duel to the (maybe) death. Despite acquiring a wall-to-wall wound, Euron was still babbling as Jamie (who made an amazing comeback from his own serious wounds) left the scene.

(Speaking of amazing comebacks, the Dothraki have greatly increased their numbers since nearly all of them seemed to have been snuffed out in the Battle of Winterfell.)

Qyburn — Highly deadish. Or so he looked after Ser Gregor grabbed him by the neck and tossed him like a rag doll into a pile of rubble. A fitting (likely) end for the spooky Hand of the Queen.

The Clegane Brothers — Both Highly Deadish. The Hound apparently did not realize that the Mountain was already legally dead, which made killing him by normal means a frustrating process.
I was yelling at the Hound: “He’s a zombie! Stab him in the head!” Unfortunately, when the Hound finally heard me and took my advice, he discovered that GOT Super Zombies are more headstrong than the average member of the living dead. I wondered of decapitation would even have done the trick.
While I was still hoping to see the Mountain’s head roll down a stairway, the Hound made his kamikaze move to end the fight. I imagined that the Hound’s final (possibly) thought was: “Shit! Why did it have to be fire?”

Arya — Inexplicably Alive! Arya’s ability to escape death is exponentially extending the House of Stark average lifespan. I lost count of how many times she faced mortal danger and appeared to have made her final exit.
She artfully dodged collapsing buildings and dragonfire. Cut, bruised and sooty in the end, Arya was the one to ride out of the flaming ruins of Kings Landing atop the mostly white horse that also miraculously survived the carnage.
The showsrunners apparently still have plans for her.

Jamie and Cersei — Also Both Highly Deadish. When Jamie appeared to be taking his last breaths at the hands of Euron, I thought: “Well, that was a disappointing way for him to go.” When both he and his sister appeared to be squashed by Red Keep rubble, I thought: “Well, that’s a disappointingly painless way for Cersei to go.”
They may yet reappear, assuming they share Arya’s uncanny talent for surviving heavy falling objects.







They Shall Not Pass

Canada will not passively wait to be invaded by a horde of American refugees seeking to escape a Donald Trump Presidency.

After Google inquiries about moving from the United States to Canada spiked to nearly 1,500 percent above average at midnight on Super Tuesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for an immediate emergency joint address of Parliament.

The address ran a mere 15 minutes before all senators and members had reached unanimous agreement. Work would begin immediately on a colossal wall protecting Canada from illegal U.S. immigrants.

The wall will go up simultaneously along the nearly 4,000 miles of main Canadian-U.S. border and the more than 1,500 additional miles of border with Alaska. Plans call for the wall to be constructed entirely of solid Canadian ice and tower 700 feet above the rustic Canadian landscape.

The new wall between Canada and the United States will look very Game of Thronesish


The wall will replace the half-dozen “Keep Out” signs the United States had strategically placed along the border, signs which had held law-abiding Canadian would-be emigrants at bay for more than two centuries. A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Nights Watch Division will be created to patrol the wall.

Trudeau said that the plan is not impossible, noting that the Great Wall of China stretches for nearly the same number of miles. That building  process took almost 300 years, but Trudeau set a 30-day deadline for completion of the Canada Wall.

“Summer is coming,” the Prime Minister warned.

Trudeau assured Canadians concerned about the cost of the project that Canada will not pay a dime.

“We did not create this problem,” he said. “We will make Trump pay for the wall.”

Adventures in Writing: Part 11 of 20?

Take 20 words chosen at random. Put them in a bowl. Draw one and write something about it.

Simple? Maybe not.

There I was, routinely guiding my Parrot Bebop over a nearby enchanted forest, intensely watching the camera feed on my battered laptop, and there he was! Clearly visible in a small clearing, unmistakable, a dragon!
I jumped into my red Nissan Juke, the Ruby Rocket, and sped to the location. Surprised to be discovered, he was hostile, at first. After much cajoling and whining on my part, he reluctantly agreed to an interview. A lifelong dream realized!


Me: Thanks for agreeing to this, Mr. Dragon. I’m a big fan.
Dragon: My first impulse was to burn you to a crisp, but my race has a longstanding tradition of watching over humans — the good and the stupid ones, anyway. Besides, people probably knew you were out there in the woods. If you mysteriously disappeared, it would bring publicity, search parties and other unwelcome attention.

M: Well, thanks even more for that, Mr. Dragon. Has anyone ever told you that you sound a lot like Sean Connery?
D: I get that a lot, mostly from people who have watched Dragonheart a few too many times. You can call me Pete.

M: Peter Dragon. Hey, you aren’t by any chance, the author of Line in the Sand, are you?
P: No, I’m not. Neither did I pen Sitting under the Grandstand, by I. Seymour Butts. Are we done revisiting your childhood?

M: Sorry. I’ve always wanted to interview a dragon. You’re so mystical.
P: I’m just another one of God’s creatures. Other than my multi-millennial age, I’m nothing special.

M: Nothing special? You’re kidding, right? None of the other creatures breathe fire.
P: The fire-breathing dragon is just an illusion perpetrated by your species through popular media. No living being can breathe fire. The first breath would scorch it’s lungs and result in painful, instant death. You’ve got to be the one who’s kidding. How did humans ever get so close to the top of the evolutionary ladder? You must have bumped your heads a lot on the way up. Is your brainpower as much a myth as my fire-breathing?

M: What? I’ve seen dragons breathing fire lots of times on Game of Thrones. You know George R.R. Martin would never write anything not based on fact. How can you deny having this ability?
P: Hold on there, laddie. I said we didn’t breathe fire. I didn’t say we can’t produce it.

M: How do you manage that illusion?
P: Without going into a lot of complicated anatomical detail, let’s just say that dragons have a far greater ability than humans to manufacture and store methane. The composition of our teeth includes significant amounts of rock and metal. Whenever we snap our jaws just right as we discharge accumulated methane, presto! Instant flamethrower.

M: So, you’re really just burning off farts?
P: Crudely put, but accurate. Although you must admit that it’s an improvement over humans, who wastefully vent their precious methane into the atmosphere, often in socially unacceptable situations.

M: That’s quite an evolutionary accomplishment. Was it developed as a defense mechanism?
P: No, this trait is rooted in the fact that dragons have never been able to digest raw meat very well. I’m not saying that flicking our Bics hasn’t also been useful for defensive and offensive purposes. Things can get a little toasty during mating season.

M: Flicking your Bic. That’s very ’70s, but it reminds me of a question I’ve always wanted to ask my first dragon. I realize I’m taking my life in my hands, here, but I’ve got to go all juvenile on you one more time, OK?
P: OK, but I have a feeling that I know where you’re going with this. Fire away.

M: Here goes. Hey, buddy, have you got a light?

Game of Thrones Future Revealed? (Part II)

Previously, in Part I of Game of Thrones Future Revealed, we visited Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. Now, let’s look at what may be in store for some other significant characters next season .

Jaime Lannister
Jaime succeeds in saving the poisoned Myrcella, thanks to the vial of antidote her betrothed, Trystane, was wearing around his neck. They immediately return to Dorne to confront Prince Doran about this dastardly deed.
Doran seems genuinely enraged to learn of the attempt and immediately has Ellaria Sand executed. He presents Ellaria’s head to Jaime to take back to King’s Landing as a souvenir of his visit. Reasoning that returning with a dead head beats returning with a dead daughter (or niece, depending on who’s asking), Jaime graciously accepts the gift.
Bronn is delighted to discover, upon arrival at King’s Landing, that one of the cargo barrels contains Tyene Sand. Fearing that more Sand heads might roll, she had opted to stow away and take her chances with Bronn. The sell-sword will have some fast talking to do when his fiancee discovers this addition to his circle of friends.
Jaime is not so delighted to find a grim-faced. impatiently toe-tapping High Sparrow and a burly contingent of the Faith Militant waiting for him when he debarks. He is immediately arrested and taken to his own, private dungeon cell, only one stone wall away from being reunited with Cersei.

Arya Stark
Being struck blind does an excellent job of driving home the fact that whenever Arya’s personal kill list conflicts with that of the Many-Faced God, old MFG is going to win. She feigns acceptance long enough to get her
sight returned, then makes a dead-of-night escape. Luckily for Arya, it turns out that MFG doesn’t wield a lot of power outside the House of Black and White.
As Arya is retrieving Needle from its rocky hiding place, she is surprised by the Hound, who has miraculously survived the bashing and slashing he took from Brienne. The Hound is understandably grateful that Arya declined to prematurely finish him as he had requested.
The two rehash old times. The Hound is visibly impressed with Arya’s new assassin skills and gives her the lowdown on the Bolton occupation of Winterfell.
The Hound has pretty much run out of possible ransom payers for Arya, so he agrees to become her lovable but lethal sidekick. The dynamic duo strike out for Winterfell to rescue Sansa and enjoy a hearty round of revenge killings.

Sansa Stark
Sansa and Theon, to nobody’s amazement, survived their leap from the castle wall. Deprived of girlfriend, wife and slave, a maniacally enraged Ramsay pursues and catches them.
Supremely confident in his ability to bring Theon back under his complete subjugation, he moves in just a tiny bit too close. Nothing in the series has been quite so satisfying as seeing the look of pure, pure surprise on Ramsay’s face when Theon slits his throat. The Reek side of Theon still feels inexplicably tied to Ramsay, so he finishes the job of detaching Ramsay’s head and takes it with him.

An extremely grateful Sansa is dazzled by this macho act and (don’t ask how) discovers Theon’s mutilation. Considering that her only previous sexual experience has been nightly abuse by Ramsay, she finds this development strangely appealing. She does not rule out Theon as possible Husband No. 2.

Stannis Baratheon and Brienne of Tarth
Having confessed to the murder of his brother, Renly, the wounded and world-weary Stannis is more than ready to check out. He not only invites the mortal sword stroke from Brienne, he actually leans out to meet the blow.
Brienne takes his head. Although she has no immediate use for it, she reasons that a Baratheon, would-be king noggin has got to be worth something, somewhere down the road.
Brienne refocuses on her secondary but sadly neglected knightly duty, protecting Sansa. She heads toward Winterfell, unaware that, of all the unlikely candidates in all of Westeros, Theon has stepped up as Sansa’s champion.

Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion was having a tough time as temporary person-in-charge of Meereen. Spymaster Varys had kept him apprised as to what was going on, but knowledge had not equaled power in this case.

Both are overjoyed when Dany returns with the new Dothraki police force and begins bringing order, if not law, to the rebellious city. They are less than happy when Dany announces the she and new hubby Jorah plan to move on with the quest for the Iron Throne.
Tyrion opts to join the roadshow, leaving a fuming Varys behind.

The Iron Throne
King Tommen Baratheon emerges from his reclusive blue funk and discovers that the Iron Throne has gone missing. The only clue is a trail of rust and metal shavings that lead in the general direction of the High Sparrow’s nest. Could the High Sparrow possibly not distinguish a difference between church and state?
This development poses quite a dilemma for the few remaining Iron Throne contenders. Dany, leading candidate following the death of Stannis, becomes visibly distraught. She is about to dispatch Drogron to exact generalized, unfocused revenge on all possible perpetrators when Tyrion advises her that the Iron Throne is merely a symbol and that the real goal is to become ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.For a series that normally allots an average of 3.2 minutes per character storyline, the opening episode of season six covered a lot of ground. Of course, the episode, by design, raised as many questions as it answered.
As noted in the warning at the top of this blog, any given timeline is extremely susceptible to change wrought by events which may occur between now and then. This is especially true when revelations like those included here have been made.
Thus, if all of these developments sit well with you, share not a word of what you have learned here with others. On the other hand, if you want things to take radically different turns in season six, spread the word. Alter the future.

Game of Thrones Future Revealed? (Part I)

What shocking developments will rock our sensibilities in Game of Thrones season six?

Well, as long as you asked …
Just the other night, I was finally able to open a small wormhole to April 17, 2016. The wormhole was not big enough to crawl through, mind you, but big enough to take a peek. You would think I would have taken this opportunity to get some winning lottery numbers, right?
Like any die-hard GoT fan would have done, I set my sites on HBO Sunday nights. Here are some of the mind-blowing things I saw in the first episode of the season to come.

Jon Snow
Everyone was right! Jon has been resurrected!
As his last drop of blood was about to drain into the snow, Jon warged into Ghost, just as fans had predicted. The showrunners waste no time in confirming this miracle.
As the animated opening credits zoomed to The Wall, I clearly saw Ghost perched on the tower, waving.
How did I that know that Jon was inside? Ghost was standing on his hind legs and wearing that handsome, black, Genuine Yakskin cape Jon so stylishly sported as Night’s Watch Lord Commander.
The unanswered question then became: With his original body lifeless, will Jon be a permanent resident of Ghost’s mind?
Enter Melisandre, who previously showed a cougar’s interest in Jon’s body and is believed to have the power to raise the dead. Mel finally does something useful and conjures up a cure for the physical side of the problem. Jon is reunited with his rewarmed body, leaving no ill side-effects except an insatiable craving for raw venison.
Jon is more than a little miffed at the Night’s Watch for killing him. The watchmen are more than a little surprised that Jon is back. Recognizing that they are all really on the same side as well as the futility of re-killing a man who won’t stay dead, Jon and his merry men reconcile during an evening of heavy drinking.
Having served her purpose, Mel is set on fire and tossed off The Wall, in a desperate attempt to thaw some of the White Walkers massing below. That hair-brained plan came from Alliser Thorne, who still hasn’t quite grasped the scope of the White Walker threat.
Somewhere, Shireen is smiling.

Cersei Lannister
In another less-than-surprising development, Cersei did not learn a thing from her Naked Walk of Shame among her adoring subjects. Emboldened by the gigantic, armored protector fabricated by the Red Keep’s resident mad scientist, Qyburn, she is a defiant no-show for her trial on charges of incest, perjury and general no-goodness.
Cersei proves no match for the ever-wily High Sparrow, who arranges a blind date for the gargantuan tin man with his equally imposing dungeon-keeping nun. The pair immediately hit it off.
Modesty forbids that I describe their graphically depicted lovemaking scene. The relationship consummated, they run away together. Cersei is left defenseless, and the High Sparrow is taking applications for a new jailer.

Daenerys Targaryen
With a brief, fly-by charbroiling of a dozen or so unlucky Dothraki, Drogon does his part to reinstate Dany as the rightful Khaleesi. By the time Jorah and Daario arrive on their rescue mission, she has things well in hand.
Dany makes amends for neglecting the tribesmen by taking them to a large chunk of choice real estate just outside the Meereen city limits and offering them perpetual rights to the land to use as a campground, rodeos or any other purpose which may suit them.
The only condition attached to the offer is that the Dothraki horsemen must police the city. Their first duty, find and kill all the old masters and Sons of the Harpy. The Dothraki are invited to loot any of the Meereen homes they invade and keep whatever booty they find.
Once the city has been cleared, the Dothraki will keep the natives in line via regular mounted patrols. A no-knock policy will remain in effect for any suspected pockets of resistance.
Dany agrees to wed Jorah because, let’s face it, the man simply will not go away as ordered. Daario is crushed, but he remains with the entourage, confident that the April-November age difference in a Viagraless world will provide a continuing role for him to play in the not-too-distant future.

Next time, in the thrilling conclusion of Game of Thrones Future Revealed, we’ll see what’s going on with Jaime Lannister, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Brienne of Tarth, Tyrion Lannister and the Iron Throne.

Myrcella! Myrcella! Myrcella! (Just Kidding!)

Mother's Mercy (5.10 – June 14)

Jon! Jon! Jon!

Holy hot, steaming, doggie lawnlogs!
They (HBO/GRRM) burn Shireen last week. They blind Arya this week. Then, apparently because they haven't yet sighted an angry, torch-carrying mob heading for HBO headquarters, they kill Jon!
Fine finale, Red Wedding HBO people. Hate the Starks much?

Shades of Julius Caesar!
Jon walks, unsuspectingly (his long-lost uncle is still alive, really?), into a trap. He is stabbed by a string of individual, “For the Watch” underlings but not fatally, it seemed, until the final “Et, tu, Olly?” thrust.
Well, at least Jon's with Ygritte, now. I do hope that he comes back as a new member of the White Walker Army (maybe walking hand-in-hand with his Wildling love) to behead the First Ranger, thereby denying Thorne the Wight reanimation experience.
I was so relieved that Jon allowed Sam, Gilly and Sam Jr. to leave Castle Black. Study hard at the Citadel, Sam. You could be the Savior of the Living next season.

Cersei! Cersei! Cersei! It's Alive!
Well, I thought Cersei had simply decided to play the confession game to gain her freedom. Her march of atonement, with the highly intimidating, giant dungeon matron ushering her along (“Shame, Shame, Shame” Ding!) was kind of hilarious.
Nice job of  hostile crowd control by the Sparrow squad. I got the distinct feeling that the good citizens of King's Landing are not Cersei's biggest fans.
I didn't think that Cersei was actually atoning for her partially confessed sins, until the tears starting rolling. Was she crying because she was truly ashamed of her transgressions or because she was a haughty, naked queen being humiliated?
I suspect it was the latter.
Boy, oh, boy, are the High Sparrow and Faith Militant ever going to catch hell next season from Cersei's new, moutainesque, fully armored champion. Knock, knock. Hello? Ser Gregor, are you in there? No? Maybe something Qyburn has sewn together from the spare parts he collected in his laboratory? Had King's Landing experienced any lightning lately?

Arya! Arya! Arya!
I don't think Arya is permanently blind; just getting a friendly warning from the Many-Faced God to make her think twice about killing unassigned people. Why would any god fail to see the assassination promise of a trainee who kills with such gusto? I mean, both eyes, a gag, a lecture, and a slit throat? Advance to the head of the class, Arya.
How freaky was it when Arya peeled face after face from the “dead” Jaqen and finished face-to-face with her own face? Just a wee bit tooooo heavy to be foreshadowing, methinks.

Stannis! Stannis! Stannis!
OMG! The frontrunner in the Iron Throne Marathon, has apparently been separated from his own head by Brienne (who couldn't possibly miss her mark with Oathkeeper, right?). I expected the Lady Knight to take an arrow to the head while she dilly-dallied with her pre-chopping pronouncements. I guess protocol simply cannot be ignored.
Despite being seriously wounded, Stannis had showcased his kingly fighting skills by killing the pair of Bolton-side boys who happened upon him after the battle was over. Other than that, the man didn't have a whole lot going for him.
Stannis had sacrificed his sweet daughter for naught. His wife had hung herself. Half his army had deserted, taking with them their weapons and horses. His witchy woman, Melisandre, had bugged out as soon as the Lord of Light was unable to deliver more than a little melting snow to speed him to his doom.
Melisandre will find a very different Castle Black environment with Jon's death. I am confident that Thorne and his merry men will find a use for her.

Reek! Sansa! Theon?
I was floored by Reek's “Theon Moment” in saving Sansa from Myranda's arrows aimed at her non-essential body parts. Ramsay is certain to take issue with Theon's method of dealing with his girlfriend.
Why didn't Sansa get the hell out of Winterfell while the Boltons were slaughtering the last of the Baratheon troops? Did she actually think that her too little, too late candle was going to be her salvation?
Could be I missed it, but I don't know what the intended landing target was when Sansa and Theon jumped, hand-in-paw, from the Winterfell wall. I hope their landing was softer than Myranda's.

Dany! Drogon! Tyrion! (Jorah! Daario!)
Drogon got Dany to safety, but he clearly needs some time to recover from his Sons of the Harpy wounds. Meanwhile, the unlikely duo of Jorah and Daario set out to find and rescue Dany, leaving Tyrion to bring law and order to Meereen.
Left with only Grey Worm and Missandei (anyone else wonder why she and Dany have such remarkably similar eyebrows? Same hairdresser?) as his administrative staff, Tyrion probably would not have lasted very long. With the miraculous arrival of spymaster Varys, Tyrion's odds of success were greatly improved.
Rescue may be a moot point, however, as Dany wanders away from Drogon and finds herself surrounded by several gazillion whooping horse riders bearing a strong resemblance to her old subjects, the Dothraki.
Whatever happened to them, by the way? I don't remember seeing them after Dany took charge of the Unsullied. Mounted, perpetually bloodthirsty Dothraki patrolmen would have done a much better job of policing the streets of Meereen than the spear-wielding, marching in formation Unsullied.
Anyway, the horses and riders revolving in front of the camera made me a little queasy. If they are Dothraki, are they just celebrating reunification with their Khaleesi? If they are some other tribe, what are they planning?

Back to Myrcella! Myrcella! Myrcella!
When Myrcella became the unlikely recipient of a Dorne departure kiss from the lips of Ellaria, I was immediately suspicious. After all, poison is the Sand family trademark, and Ellaria's lips were unnaturally rosy.
Fortunately for Jaime, his lips did not meet Myrcella's during their father-daughter talk. I would think that, at some point, Jaime would stop being surprised at who knows about his relationship with Cersei. Even the Dornish were in on the secret. Good thing the High Sparrow seems to need hard evidence instead of acting on mere hearsay.