Acceleration Explanation

Actively Ambivalent

Adjusted For Inflation

Admonition Repetition

All Boxes Checked

Almost There

Altitude Aspiration

And We Liked It!

Aromatic Audio

Arrested Respiration

Astronomical Astrology

At Least I’m Not Hungry

Audio Clarification

Awakening Am I

Backward Progress

Basic Objective

Be The Windshield

Beats The Alternative

Bedroom Taboos

Belle Of The Balls

Beneficial Anniversaries

Big Picture

Boxing Match

Breaking Even

Breaking The Language Barrier

Calculated Expectancy

Canine Canon

Can’t Trust That Day

Catch Me If You Can

Caught In The Middle

Cellular Situation

Change Exception

Chicken Or Egg?

Childhood Chucklefest

Choreographic Chaos

Citrus Situation

Closed For Repairs

Coining A Phrase

Cold Case

Compromising Proposal


Confusion Infusion

Consumer Storage Facility

Cords That Bind

Corrective Action

Could Be Oxygen Deprivation

Crumpled Countenance

Cry For Help

Daily Deception

Daily Decision

Death Before Discourse

Decidedly Undecided

Deep Data

Defined Adulthood

Delayed Fear

Designated Greeter

Destructive Creativity

Deviant Definition – Weakened

Did I Say THAT?

Digital Disillusionment

Disastrous Do

Domestic Caution

Downsizing Realization

Down-To-Earth Safety

Dramatic Delivery

Driving Factors

Early Out

Earned Outcome

Easing The Pain

Edition Revision Vision

Elevated Condition

Emotionally Elusive

Environmentally Uplifting

Everyday Ennui

Everyone Knows!

Exceptional Expectations

Exhausting Regimen

Experientially Disadvantaged

Fair Warning

Faking It

Final Acquisition

Forklifting Frustration

Foundation Footings

From The Inner Mind …

Genealogical Revelation

Going With The Flow

Grand Exit

Hair-Raising Question

Having A Ball


Human Horticulture

Hurry Up And Wait

I Want It Yesterday!

Inactivity Proclivity

Indefinite Delay

Inertial Ignition

International Nation

Introspective Regrets

It’s A Hard Rock Life

It’s All Relative

It’s In The Vault

Just Shoot Me!

Just Wet For It

Learned Behavior

Let’s Be Honest

Libation Relocation

Life Is But A Scream

Life Story

Light Duty

Limited Lifespan

Longtime Longing

Make Me A Match

Make No Mistake

The Man Trap

Marital Synopsis

Maybe In A Coma?

Mayday! Mayday!

Meant To Be

Measured Insomnia

Message Rejected

Mission Possible

Monthly Mismatch

Mood Swings

Motivational Clarification

Motorized Monstrosities

Multiple Meanings

Negative Fixation

No Gym For Him

No Longer Available

No News Is Good News

No Parole

No Response

No Time Like Then

No Way Out

No Yin, No Yang

Not The Answer

Nothing Personal

Nothing Ventured

Nutritional Illumination

Objectionable Accuracy

Occupational Reflection

Occupational Therapy

Off With His Head!

One Upping

One Way To Go

One-Word Sentence

Only You Can Make My Dreams Come True

Ordination Invalidation

Ornithological Hallucination

Outdoor Socializing

Overcoming Adversity

Overly Conscientious Conscience

A Pair Of Possibilities

Paying For It Forward

People Are The Problem

Perceptive Irrelevance

Perfectly Wrong

Perpetually Prepared

Personal Interpretation

Persons Of Means

Pi Day

Plan B

Plunging Prognosis

Points Of View

Positively Poison

Predestined Dehydration

Prohibitive Price

Promises, Promises

Proven Potential

Purposeful Possibilities

Questionable Priorities

Rabidly Rastibiedious

Random Recollection

Rastibiedious Expectations

Rastibiedious To The Core

The Real Story

Recession Confession

Rejuvenation Realization

Relative Motion

Relocation Allocation

Research Results

Retrospective Rent

Road to Riches

Road Rage Rationale

Roomba’s Nemesis

Rotary Locomotion

Safety In Stupidity

Saturation Secret

Scovil Scaled

Security In Knowledge

Self-Incriminating Denial

Semantic Coverage

Size Gap Victim

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Social Cause

Something Fishy

Space Available

Speaking Engagement

Standard Excuse

Stand-Up Guy

Static Status

Staying Consistent

Stop Your Whining

Storage Issue

Successful Failure

Temporal Distortion

Think Big!

To Do Review

Toeing The Line

Trading Places

Trail Of Terror

Trained Trainer

Try Harder

Two Possibilities

Undeniably Talented

Undeserved Discomfort

Unfinished Business

The Unforgiven

Unseeing Eye

You’ve Got A Friend

Vacuous Ambition

Washout Wisdom

Waters Of Wisdom

Weaving Warning

Weight Loss Myth

We’ve All Been There

What Goes Around

Who Dies For The Prize?

Who Knew?

Willing Participant

Winning Smile

Wordless Wisdom

Worm Winners

Wreaking Wreckage

Zero Recall