Agricultural Expansion

Be Specific

Bovine Bafflement

Bovine Expansion

Chicken Sedan

Chilling Chickens

Clearly Cloven

Clucking Accountant

Come For The Bull

Conversational Cows

Conversational Vegetable


Creative Fruition

Didja Do It?

Drama Distraction

Equine Consensus

First Come, First Served

Flight Risk

Fodder Feelings

Fowl Poetry

Full Commitment

Gimme A Break

Grainy Gaze

Heard By The Herd

Horticultural Hint

Information Application

Intellectually Unchallenged

Language Barrier

Last Laugh

Mooving Occupation

Muddied Inspiration

Mushroom Roulette

No Grain, No Pain

No More Jitters

No Surprise Prize

Nutritional Allegation

Obstacle Avoidance

Opportunity Unrecognized

Pony Phony

Poultry Prisoners

Poultry Reproduction

Predestined Dehydration

Productive Conversation

Repeat Customer?


Restricted Access

Seasonal Decision

Self-Sustenance Stymied

Straight From The Beak

Support Buds

Tasty Tune

Territorial Announcement

That’ll Be One Dollar

Traffic Count

Wheah Have All The Ahs Gone?