Accepting Suggestions


Camouflage Compromise

Canine Can-Do

Cease And Desist

Dance Like No Gods Are Looking

Deviant Definition – Incapable

Disappointing Combo

Dubious Defense

E.C.E.T. Encounter

Easy ID

Eggciting Possibilities

Fantastic Foresight

Go With The Flow

Heavy Burden

Hello, My Name Is …

Higher Power

Ignore First Impressions

I’ll See Me Later

Immortal Wish

Impossibly Possible

Last Laugh

Lives To Spare

Magic On Hold

Me, Myself And I

Multiple Maladies

Mythical Misidentification

No Room For Improvement

No Skippy?

No Valet On Duty

Now You Don’t

Paranoiac Egomania

Put On A Happy Face

Questionable Conversation

Questionable Quest

Rejuvenation Realization

Safety In Stupidity

Slippery Sir

Sociable Suicide

Temporal Correction

Temporal Insertion

Timely Appearance

Timely Demand

Trusted Advisor

Undaunted Disbelief

Unseeing Eye

An Unspeakable Gift


You Don’t Say

Watch For Me

Who’s Hoo?

Wish Fulfillment

A World Of My Own

You Don’t Say