Accepting Suggestions


Camouflage Failure

Canine Can-Do

Cease And Desist

Dance Like No Gods Are Looking

Disappointing Combo

E.C.E.T. Encounter

Easy ID

Eggciting Possibilities

Fantastic Foresight

Go With The Flow

Hello, My Name Is …

Higher Power

Ignore First Impressions

I’ll See Me Later

Immortal Wish

Impossibly Possible

Last Laugh

Lives To Spare

Magic On Hold

Me Myself And I

Multiple Maladies

Mythical Misidentification

No Skippy?

Now You Don’t

Put On A Happy Face

Questionable Conversation

Rejuvenation Realization

Slippery Sir

Sociable Suicide

Timely Appearance

Trusted Advisor

Undaunted Disbelief

An Unspeakable Gift


You Don’t Say

Watch For Me

Who’s Hoo?

Wish Fulfillment

A World Of My Own