Acoustic Agony

Aromatic Audio

Auditory Story

Charitable Act

Charge Increase

Colorless Question

Comfort Tunes

Comparing Notes

Crazy Legs

Deviant Definition – Basso

Deviant Definition – Hygiene

DIY Songsters

Dunking Interrogation

Earplugs Suggested

Earworm Error

Easy Choice

Eternal Rapture

Feverish Finding

For So Long, It’s Not True

Fully Charged

Funny, But It Seems…

Game Of Chance

Gig Gagged

A Good Day To Dye

Green Listening

Hitchhiker Horror

Humming Along

I’ll Sing It My Way

Impoverished Youth

Instrumental Errors

It Bears Repeating

It’s Not The Destination

Keep The Change

Longtime Longing

Medical Malady

Muddied Inspiration

Musical Match

Musical Mechanism

Musical Preference


…Or Eye Of The Tiger

Partially Crazy

Questionable Arrangement

Questionable Performance

Quick Learners

Required Reeding

Rim Shot, Please


Roomba’s Nemesis

Scaled Recognition

Seeing Is Believing

Silent Rock Stars

Silver Dissociation

Sonic Resemblance

Sound Of Silence

Staying The Course

Structural Strutting

Suction Malfunction

Tasty Tune

Trumpeting Trouble

Two-Part Melody

Use the Dance, Luke

What’s That Noise?

What’s That Sound?

When In Doubt, Hum It Out