Additives, Too

Adjusted For Inflation

Alert The Gourds!

All-Day Breakfast

Another Childhood Lie

Another Familiar Flavor

Anticipated Snackdown

Appetite Depression

Appetizing Asphalt

Arrested Development

At Least I’m Not Hungry

Bacon Attitude


Backup Plan



Be Prepared

Beastly Beverage

Belly Laughs

Beneficial Buddy

Better Bottled

Better Bring Butter

Bitter Brew

Brawny Brine

Breakfast Option

Bring Me Another

Building Critical Mass

Butt Of A Joke

Butter Up!

Cacophonous Catch

Caloric Accumulation

Can I Get A Yo Ho Ho?

Cause And Effect

Cellular Necessity

Choose Carefully

Citrus Situation

Compatible Combo

Comprehensive Prerequisite

Consequential Contents

Consistent Condiment

Contents May Vary

Conversational Conversion

Conversion Simplification – Part 4

The Cookie Crumbles

Cool Commonality

Corrective Action

Country Of Origin

Crafted With Love

Culinary Caution

Culinary Kudos

Daily Decision

Decaffeinated Depression

Deep-Baked Thoughts

Despicable Delicacy

Deviant Definition – Appellate

Deviant Definition – Banquet

Deviant Definition – Blandish

Deviant Definition – Carbuncle

Deviant Definition – Juggernaut

Deviant Definition – Panera

Deviant Definition – Parable

Didja Do It?

Dietary Departure

Dietary Discovery

Dietary Diversion

Dietary Rationale

Differential Aging

Digital Opposites

Dining For Two

Dining Out

Disillusioning Discovery

Divisible Dinner

Dunking Interrogation

E.C.E.T. Encounter

Easy Peasy

Ecliptic Edible

Edge Of Consciousness

Edible Arrangement


Emergency Loafers

Emotional Detachment

Enriching Development

Espresso Express

Establishing Equilibrium

Ex Fed

Exceptional Loss

Exhausting Regimen

The Eyes Have It

Familiar Flavor

Fashionable Feasting

Fast And Furious Fuel

Feeding Frenzy

Fiesta El McDonald’s

Final Request

Flight Risks

Food Fight!

Food For Thought

Foot-Free Manufacturing

For So Long, It’s Not True

Forklifting Frustration

Freeze Before Serving

Frog’s Feast

Fruitful Frustration

Full Commitment

Gator Aid

Getting Real

Good Eatin’

Got Speed?

Grill Gratitude

Handy Hens

Heading For Heartburn

Healthy Price

High-Carb Diet

Hold the Sea Salt

How About A Little Red Leicester?

Human Horticulture

Hurray for Haggis!

I Scream, You Scream

Icing Upgrade

If You Have To Ask …

Immemorable Night

Information Application

Initial Addition

International Nation

Irreconcilable Differences

Irrevocable Contract

It Pays The Bills

Jarring Plan

Know Your Limits

Less Fat

Let’s Be Honest

Let’s Roll!

Libation Relocation

Life With Purpose

Limited Lifespan

Magic Metabolism

Marketing Misnomer

Meaty Rejection

Medicinal Bakery

Message Rejected

Morning Mismatch

Morning Mission

Morning Mugging

Mushroom Roulette

My Future’s So Bright …

New Night, Same Plan

No Skippy?

No Star

No Substitutions!

No Surprise Prize

Nosferatuan Nutrition

Not In My World!

Not The Answer

Not Your Cheese

Nutritional Allegation

Nutritional Illumination

On The Level

Out Of My Control

Passage Prohibited

Paying For It Forward

Percentage Points

Perceptive Irrelevance

Personal Interpretation

Pet Peeve

Piece Of Cake

Pigging Out

Popping The Question

Positively Poison

Power Up!

Predestined Dehydration

Prehensile Utensils

Problem Solved

Property Ownership

Questionable Advisor

Rastibiedious Regulations

Ready To Eat

Repeat Customer?

Request Denied

Reverse Engineering

Rightful Reward

Roller Coaster Response

Roman Endorsement

Salad Days

Salty Psychiatry

Scientific Solution

Scented Sound

Scoville Scaled

Second Choice

Self-Evident Truths

Self-Sustenance Stymied

The Shape Of Meat

Shock To The System

Singular Deal

Situational Faith

Smart Cookie

Solid Food

Sound Solution

Sounds Like A Plan

Squaring The Score

Still Hungry

Stoking Up

Stop Your Whining

Support Dessert

Sweet Substitute

Switching Sides

Take Out Options

Take The Shot


Temptation Extension

Tequila Accountancy

Timely Advice

Too Much To Burn

Too Spicy?

Too Wrong

Toothless Bruin

Topping Secret

Toss The Rainbow

Tracking Theft

Transformative Query

Traumatic Transport

True Love Test

Universal Request

Unmistakable Move

Upsizing Urgency

Weighting Game

What’s That Spell?

Wheying In

Whisky Business

Who’s Counting?

Workday Workaround

Wrinkly Uprising

Yes We Can

You Are What You Drink

You Are What You Eat

What Goes Around


Zest For Breakfast