Active Misconception

Advanceable Agenda

All You Need Is Dog

Ambivalent Ambiguity

Anticipated Action

Anticipatory Continuation

Anybody In There?

Arachnid Revenge

Aromatic Alert

Asinine Notion

Astonishing Advisory

Awaiting Decision

Awakening Am I

Back On Foot

Backing Forward

Best Plus One

Best Friends

Can You Mimic A Can Opener?

Canine Can-Do

Canine Canon

Canine Message Center

Carefree Correction

Cashing In

Cat Sledding

Cataclysmic Congregation

Circle Of Trust

Circulation Solution

Condescending Canine

Coquettish Fish

Cowpoke Companion

Current Affair

Daredevil Dog

Daunting Adulthood

Decorating Service

Deep Rapture

Designated Greeter

Deviant Definition – Fester

Deviant Definition – Kitten

Deviant Definition – Palpable

Deviant Definition – Quip

Deviant Definition – Repossession

Deviant Definition – Salchow

Dining For Two

Doggie Delight

Doggie Go Lightly

Dog’s Life Dream

Don’t Even Try

Equine Consensus

Equine Enigma

Extenuating Circumstances

False Imprisonment

Famine-Ready Feline

Favorite Location

Feeling Lucky?

Feeling Watched

First Responders

Former Best Friend

Four-Legged Lamentations

Free Advice

Free Rein

Freely Translated

Full Speed Ahead!

Fur Child Adoption

Future Necklace

Gained In Translation

Gastral Projection

Getaway Guffaw

Going Fast

The Good Life

Grinning Growler

Half-Life Math

Handy Outhouse

Happy Halloween!

Having A Ball

Heavy Burden

Hybrid Hound


I’m Begging You

Impeccable Behavior

In A Word…

Indifference Inference

Installation Procrastination

Introspective Regrets

It’s Not The Destination

Jedi Canine

Just One Thing

Just Rumors

Lesser Loss

Lives To Spare


Magic Mutt

The Man With The Twisted Lip

Meal Ticket

Misperceived Motivations

More Visitors!

Motionless Explanation

Nicer Than People

Net Loss

No Substitutions!

Not Likely

Obedience Test

Only You Can Make My Dreams Come True

Operational Deceleration

Ornithological Hallucination

Out Of Body

Out Of My Control

Out Of Shape

Out Of The Question

Oval Obsession

Party Hardly

Pet Panacea

Pet Peeve

Photogenically Promising

Pining For The Fjords

The Pitch

Pointed Punctuation

Pony Phony

Porky Peers

Positive Spin

Predestined Conquest

Predictable Diagnosis

Prime Directive


Purrfect Pitch

Put On A Happy Face

Ready To Roll

Real Downer

The Real Story

Red Alert!


Roomba’s Nemesis

Self Misconception

Servers And Served

Session Ended

Setting the Bar

Shining Example

Single Species Selection

Situational Faith

Skin Deep

So They Say

Sticks And Stones

Still Hungry

Still Life

Strong Resemblance

Successful Slumber

Suspicious Solitude


Tanks A Lot

Tasty Tune

Teaching By Example

Trained Trainer


Two-Part Melody

Unappreciated Lip Service

Undercover Mania

Universal Truth

Vertically Challenged

Veterinary Vacation

Vicious Circle

Visible From Space!

Visit Veracity

Vive La Diversité

Vow Of Silence

Yore IQ

You’ve Got A Friend — Somewhere

Walking Gag

Wascally Wabbits!

Watchdog Upgrade

What Does A Horse Say?

Whatever Gets The Job Done

With White Socks

Word Stretch

Work Schedule

Working Pets