Additives, Too

Altitude Attitude

Anticipated Action

Awaiting Decision

Bacon Attitude

Banking Memories

Bearly Believable

Boxing Match

Calculated Expectancy

The Cookie Crumbles

Cue Maniacal Laugh

Date With Death

Death Before Discourse

Domestic Caution

Eternal Patience

Explosive Exclamation

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Hydration

Feeling Lucky?

Final Acquisition

Funeral Faux Pas

Gastral Projection

Gimme A Little Credit

Grand Exit

Icy Hot

It Just May Be A Lunatic You’re Looking For

Jumping The Rider

Knowledge Is Power

Life Goes On

Life Is But A Scream

Lives To Spare

Marital Synopsis

Mayday! Mayday!

Mushroom Roulette

Nebulous Query

Onward Up

People Are The Problem

Perfect Timing

Plan B

Protective Practice

Public Airing

Rabidly Rastibiedious

Sociable Suicide

Terminally Talented

Vehicular Phobia

Walk Away

Willing Participant

Winking Out

Who Dies For The Prize?

You Only Live Twice