Annual Review

Anybody In There?

Applied Perfection

Applied Power

Arrested Development

Artists In Residence

Attention Deficit

Autobiographical Alterations

Blame Game

Blazing Blossoms

Bloodthirsty Surgeon

Bottom Line Bottleneck

Brainwave Barricade

Call Of The Idled

Can I Get A Yo Ho Ho?

Card Disregard

Career Counseling

Career Crisis


Corrective Inaction

Crowning Achievement

Culinary Kudos

Daily Dilemma

Daily Grind

Day Decay

Delicate Balance

Destiny Diversion

Detached Management

Deviant Definition – Deployment

Deviant Definition – Juggernaut

Deviant Definition – Trainer

Deviant Definition – Traitor

Did Not See It Coming

Dietary Rationale

Directionless Driver

Discretionary Directives

Dog’s Life Dream

Domestic Ambition

Domestic Caution

Don’t Go There

Dream On

Drunken Drone Drama

Dumb And Dumber

Dumbass Question

Dust Off That Resume

Dying Wish

Early Out

End Of The Line

Espresso Express

Exhausting Exchange

Exit, Stage Left

The Fairest Job Of All

Fearsome Fingers

Final Frontier

The Filthy Truth

Fitness Fatigue

Foe Of The Fumble-Fingered

Foot-Free Manufacturing

Forward Looking

Funeral Faux Pas

Glowing Resume

Group Identities

Hello, My Name Is …

Helping Hands

The High Way To Healthy

Home For The Holidays

Homerian Percipience

Honest Resignation

I Scream, You Scream

Ignoring The Ladder

Inescapable Association

It Pays The Bills

Just Hearsay

Knight Moves


Larger Than Labeled

Light Duty

Literary Fallback

Longtime Longing

Lost Interest

‘Mailman’ Is So 18th Century

Maintaining The Illusion

Manufacturing Operation

Marked For Promotion

Master Of None

Mayday! Mayday!

Measured Countermeasures

Measured Monarchy

Meeting Greeting

Metaphoric Mixology

Mixed Emotions

Mooving Occupation

Motivational Clarification

Natural Inability

A Necessary Evil?

Need A Hand?

New Blacksmith

New Headmaster

No Comparison

No Problem

No Takers

No Uber

Not A Problem

Nothing Doing

Observational Advantage

Occupational Reflection

Occupational Therapy

Octogenarian Outlaw

On Call

Opportunity Unrecognized

Ordination Invalidation

Orientation Situation

Overtasking Trauma

Philosophical Priorities

Pinpoint Precision

Playing It Safe

Plunging Prognosis

Posture Policy

Premium Compensation

Promised Productivity

Quality Pledge

Questionable Rescue

Retail Management

Road to Riches

Root Cause

Rustler’s Rhapsody

Safety Dance

Save It!

Sleep Deprivation

Smart Cookie

Sorry, Not Sorry


Split Decision

Squeezed Out

Standard Operating Procedure

Starting Ugly

Static Status

Substantive Style

Talk Takes Time

Temporal Relativity

Terminally Talented

That’ll Be One Dollar

Time Has Come

Time Management Mastery

To Do Review

Top Guns

Top Loser

Top Option

Twice The Help

Uncanny Change

Underground Marketing

Unfounded Accusation

Unraveling The Truth

Unsworn Oath

Vocational Disorder

Washout Wisdom

Watch For Me

Weighing Solution


Who’s Talkin’?

Witchy Woes

Work Calls In

Work Weeks


Working Pets

Working Relationship

Working World

Wreaking Wreckage

Wrong Slant