Anybody In There?

Applied Perfection

Artists In Residence

Career Crisis


Corrective Inaction

Crowning Achievement

Daily Dilemma

Did Not See It Coming

Directionless Driver

Discretionary Directives

Dumb And Dumber

Dumbass Question

Dying Wish

End Of The Line

Fitness Fatigue


Footfree Manufacturing

Funeral Faux Pas

Glowing Resume

Hello, My Name Is …

Homerian Percipience

Honest Resignation

Ignoring The Ladder

Inescapable Association

Light Duty

Longtime Longing

Lost Interest

Maintaining The Illusion

Marked For Promotion

Mayday! Mayday!

Measured Monarchy

Metaphoric Mixology

Motivational Clarification

Natural Inability

A Necessary Evil?

New Blacksmith

New Headmaster

No Takers

No Uber

Nothing Doing

Occupational Reflection

On Call

Opportunity Unrecognized

Ordination Invalidation

Overtasking Trauma

Pinpoint Precision

Playing It Safe

Plunging Prognosis

Promised Productivity

Questionable Rescue

Save It!

Sleep Deprivation

Time Management Mastery

To Do Review

Top Loser

Top Option

Top Guns

Unraveling The Truth

Weighing Solution

Who’s Talkin’?

Work Weeks

Working Relationship

Wreaking Wreckage

Wrong Slant