Angelic Series

Angular Appellation

Bulbous Belief

By The Numbers

Calculated Gyrations

Calculated Risk

Clucking Accountant

Conversion Simplification – Part 1

Count On It

Criminal Numeral

Deviant Definition – Edition

Divisive Fraction

Enumerated Exacerbations

Evening The Odds

Fear Of Nothing

Following Directions

Fractional Intelligence

Functionally Fractured

Half-Life Math

Icky Integer

Multiplying Factor

Nice Belt!

Not My Problem

Numerical Mystery

Numerical Wizardry

Oddly Enough

Off And On

One Or The Other

Partial Solution

Physics Physiques

Piece Of Cake

Pointless Primping

Problematic Percentages

Reaching My Limits

Reaping The Rewards

Root Cause

Rusty Resource

Short Segment

Simple Arithmetic

Speaking Devilishly

Speed Limit

Squaring The Score

Statistically Odd

Tracking Theft

Turning The Tables

Upsizing Urgency

The X Factor

Zero Summary