Absent Angler

Acoustic Miracle

Active Misconception

Actively Aging

Altitude Adjustment

Altitude Attitude

And We Liked It!


Big Deal

Calculated Gyrations

Cold Case

Completion Complication

Crime-Solving Head Start

Cutting Edge Infraction

Deep Rapture

Deviant Definition – Abatement

Deviant Definition – Chicanery

Deviant Definition – Extrapolated

Deviant Definition – Founder!

Do Not Disturb

Donkey Kong Finale

Environmentally Uplifting

Expensive Experience

Furiously Fast

Going Down In Flames

Going Full Circle

Hobbled Hoofer

Hold My Beer

Hoop Hopes Hammered

I May Be A Bit Rusty

Icy Hot

Idiomatic Idiocy

I’m In!

Inertial Indication

Jumping The Rider

Just Rumors

Life Is But A Scream

Massive Mismatch

Matter Over Mind

No Contest

No Gym For Him


Nothing Like A Good Belt

On-Target Miss

Operational Deceleration

… Or Eye Of The Tiger

Outdoor Socializing

Passing Credit

Power Play

Proactive Marksmanship

Profane Pastimes

Public Airing

Reactive Obligation

Ridin’ Up North

Right Escape Plan


Setting The Bar

Silent Service

Something Fishy

Staying Consistent

Sticky Situation

Take Out Options

Tarnished Trophies

Thrill Of The Chase

Timely Demand

Toeing The Line

Underwater Myth

Unforgiving Force

Unnatural Habitat

Visionary Avocation

Wet Suitability

Whale Of A Bargain

What’s Left?

You Only Live Twice