Absolute Control

Accord Announcement

Accountability Ability

Also The Dumbest

Alternate Explanation

Arachnid Revenge

Arrested Arousal

Attention, Ladies!

Attitude Introduction

Austerity Measure

Awaiting Decision

Back In Action

Bedroom Taboos

Before You Speak

Beneficial Buddy

Between The Lines

Beyond All Understanding


Bit By Bit

Bragging Rights

A Bridge Too Far

Can’t Win

Cellular Situation

Ceremonial Hope

Change Of Status

Circular Logic


Clarifying Union

Communicative Simplicity

Comprehensive Prerequisite

Contents May Vary

Continue Search

Continued Contention

Culinary Kudos

Data Dating

Dating Site Failure

Deadly Question

Delightful Duprass

Desirable Disconnection

Desperate Plea

Detached Dating

Deviant Definition – Misappropriate

Deviant Definition – Shareholder

Did Not!

Differential Aging

Dining For Two

Disagreeing To Agree

Disputed Description

Domestic Ambition

Don’t Go There

Doubling Up

Dressed To Trill

Dumb And Dumber

Early Development

Early Warning System

Edible Arrangement

Educational Programming

Emotional Detachment

Engaging Response

Ex Fed

Expanded Options

Faking It

Fantastic Foresight

First Anniversary

Foolish Advice

Forced Levity

Girlfriend Played By …

Good Intentions

Good Talk

Happy Hush

Homonymic Confusion

Hot Topic

Household Efficiency

How Ugly Were You?

Idiomatic Idiocy

If At First You Don’t Succeed …

Impeccable Performance

Irreconcilable Differences

It Could Be Worse

It Just May Be A Lunatic You’re Looking For

It Takes Two, Baby

It’s A Snap (Followed By A Few Crunches)

Just To Be Clear


Let’s Just Be Friends

Light My Fire

Living On The Edge

Logical Findings

Loved The Soundtracks

Make Me A Match

Marital Management

Marital Synopsis

Martial Art

Medal Of Perseverance

Meet Me Halfway

Metamorphic Response

Mixed Emotions

More Like Paranormal

New Friends Need Not Apply

No Enforcement

No Parole

No Real Options

No Thanks

Noise Reduction

Not Surprised

Numerical Mystery

Once A Pun A Time

One Bullet Dodged

One Possibility Eliminated

One Too Many

One-Way Ticket

Only You Can Make My Dreams Come True

Perpetual Plan

Personal Perfection

Perspective Adaptation

Popping The Question

POV Relativity

Predictable Me

Prenuptial Settlement

Problematic Parallax

Qualifications Met

Qualifying Circumstance

Quality Time

Request Denied

Right Place, Right Time

Rightful Reward

Seeing Is Believing

Selective Silence

Separate Ports

Silence Of The Ma’ams

Simple Complication

Small World

Social Distancing

Some People


Spirited Relationship

Spousal Expectations

Stand-Up Guy

Stepping Out

Strike Two

Thin Thoughts

Think Big!

‘Til Death Do Us Part

True Love Test

Trust Me

Tubular Tension

20-20 Hindsight

Unappreciated Lip Service

Ungodly Gifts

Unintentional Trek

Unprovided Service

Unrelated Development

Unwanted Child

Unwarranted Criticism

Unwary Warning

What’s That Noise?

Whispered Nothings

Who’s Talkin’?

Why Ruin A Good Thing?

The Wicker Connection

Winless Victory

Wordless Wisdom

Zipperless Lips