Abuser Advisory

Acquisitional Accountability

Action Figure

Active Inaction

Actively Ambivalent

Alacrity Junkie

All Bets Off

All Boxes Checked

Alternate Explanation

Always Wrong

Amphibious Advisory

Angelic Angels

Another Familiar Flavor

Anybody In There?

The Art Of Ducking

The Art Of Speaking Good


Bacon Attitude

Bad Judgment

Banking Memories

Be Gone

Be The Windshield

Belly Laughs

Best Plus One

Best Wishes

Beyond All Understanding

Bigger Bang

Bit By Bit

Blame Game

Boneless Advantage


Boxing Match

Brainwave Barricade

Bring Me Another

Budget Breaker

Calculated Risk

Catch Me If You Can

Cause, Effect And Cause

Change Exception

Clever Fools

Colorful Competition

Communication Breakdown

Compatible Combo

Compromising Proposal

Consider The Source

Could Be Oxygen Deprivation

Covert Contest

Cue Maniacal Laugh

Daunting Adulthood

Deep Data

Defined Adulthood

Definition Stretch

Delicate Cycle Only

Depth Charge

Destiny Diversion

Didja Do It?

Differential Aging

Differential Digits

Direct Detection

Directionless Driver

Disarming Word


Disney Was Right

Divine Intervention

Does It Even Know That I Exist?

Donkey Kong Finale

Don’t Call Us …

Don’t It Always Seem To Go?

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Double Dilemma


Down-To-Earth Safety

Drama Distraction

Empty Wheelhouse

Energetic Entities

Experientially Disadvantaged

Exploratory Exposition

Explosive Exclamation

Familiar Flavor

FlavorFaux Feats

Favorite Falsehood

Fatal Hydration

The Filthy Truth

Financial Foresight

Fingoes And Toegers

First Responders

Food For Thought

A Fool Never Learns

Forward Looking

Fractional Intelligence

Fun With Gravity

Functional Family

The Game Is Afoot

Giving Thanks

Go Figure

Going Green

Habitual Gymnastics

Handy Outhouse

Happy Buy

Hello, My Name Is …

Hidden Horton

Higher Power

Hold My Beer

Hollow Honor

Horticultural Hint

Hollow Honor

Homonymic Horror

Human Horticulture

Ignoring The Ladder

Illuminating Wisdom

Image Imitation


Incurable Condition

Inequitable Equality

Indefinite Delay

Industrious Location

Information Application

Initial Addition

Instant Instruction

Intellectual Homogenization

Introspective Regrets

Irresistible Invitation

It’s A Hard Rock Life

It’s A Snap (Followed By A Few Crunches)

It’s All About Me

It’s The Thought That Counts

Jackass Actions

Jury Justice

Just Ducky

Just Wet For It

Keep It Clean

Knowledge Is Power

Lazy Hand

Learned Behavior

Let It Rain

Lifetime Mileage Limit

Linguistic Idiot

Linked Out

Literary Latitude

The Long Nap

Looking Up

Losing Battle

Make No Mistake

Marital Synopsis

Mass Migration

Massive Mismatch

Match Game

Maybe In A Coma?

Meaningful Knowledge

Media Mistake


Monthly Mismatch

Mood Indicator

Mostly Sky

Motivational Clarification

Mushroom Roulette

Natural Selection

No Comparison

No Contest

No Respect

No Riders

No Sharing!

No Way Out

No Yin, No Yang

Non-Conforming Standard

Not Disappointed

Not For Long

Not In My World!

Not So Much

Obstacle Avoidance

Off-Site Storage

One Deity of Separation

One Or The Other

One Step Beyond

Open To Misinterpretation

Opposing Identities

Ordination Invalidation

The Other Far Side

Overly Conscientious Conscience

Paper-Thin Plea

Percentage Points

Permanent Pair

Perpetually Prepared

Petty Advice

Photographs And Memories

Plan B

Plausible Denial

Playing Footsie

Popping The Question

Positively Poison

Precipitation Preference

Premature Evaluation

Prepositional Predilections

Prime Directive

Proactive Marksmanship

Profane Pastimes


Punctuational Nuance

Punishing Punchline

Pure Happenstance

Puzzling Prefixes

Q & A

Questionable Conversation

Questionable Priorities

Quid Pro Quo

Rabidly Rastibiedious

Rastibiedious Regulations

Raw Materials

Reactive Commonality

Reactive Obligation

The Real Story

Relocation Allocation

Relocation Conviction

Research Results

Return Deposit

Ridin’ Up North

Right Escape Plan

Role Model

Roomba’s Nemesis

The Screaming Realization

Search Suggestions?

Second Favorite “F” Word

Second Opinion

Self-Evident Truths

Self-Repossessing Transportation

Semantic Coverage

Servers And Served

Shades of Grey Matter

Share And Share Alike

Sidestepping Solution

Simple Arithmetic

Sloth Detection Hints

Sobriety Test

Something Fishy

Sound Of Moss

Spaced Out

Starting Ugly

Statistically Odd

Stepping Up

Strong Resemblance

Successful Slumber

Support Buds

Suspended Suspense

Symbolic Subscription

Take Your Time

Taking Names

Talk Takes Time

Terminal Infinity

Throwing Stones Strictly Prohibited

Tight Lips Stay Zipped

Time Has Come

Time Will Tell

Too Close For Comfort

Too Late

Top Loser

Top Option

Toss The Rainbow

Tracking Theft

Trading Places

Traffic Count

Trained Trainer

Transformative Query

Trustworthy Perch

Try Harder

Two Possibilities

Type O Negative

Uncertainty Theory

Uncorked Capacity

Unfocused Meaning

Unforgiving Force

Ungodly Gifts

Unlucky Day Down Under

Uninspired Nomenclature

Untapped Market

Uplifting Issue

Vehicular Phobia

Vertically Challenged

View From Above

You’ve Got A Friend

Wait Debate

Watch For The Green Light

Waters Of Wisdom

Wayward Weather

Weaving Warning

Weighing Solution

Well And Good

We’ve All Been There

What Rhymes With Vodka?

What’s That Spell?

What’s Up?

When In Doubt, Hum It Out

Whispered Nothings

Who Are Those Guys?

Who’s Asking?

Who’s On Top?

Who’s Talkin’?

Wild Ride

Wisdom Limits

Witness Suggestion


Zero Degrees Of Separation

Zipperless Lips