Name Game

Natural Subservience

Nebulous Query

Need A Hand?

New Blacksmith

New Headmaster

New Knowledge

A New Low

Nice Belt!

No Brainer

No Contest

No Fear Of Defeat

No Gym For Him

No Fly Zone

No Follow-Up

No Grain, No Pain

No More Jitters

No Parole

No Riders

No Skippy?

No Star

No Substitutions!

No Thanks

No Uber

No Worries

Noble Achievement


Nosferatuan Nutrition

Not A Problem

Not A Simile

Not Cool!

Not Guilty!

Not My First Rodeo

Not My Problem

Not So Much

Not Surprised

Not Your Cheese

Nothin’ Doin’

Now Hear This!

Numerical Mystery

A Nut For A Jar Of Tuna

Nutritional Allegation

Nutritional Illumination

Obedience Test


Occupational Reflection

Octogenarian Outlaw

Odding The Evens

Oddly Enough…

Off And On

Offspring Admonition

Ohmish Warning

Ohm’s Other Law

On Call

Once A Pun A Time

One Stop Shopping

One-Third There

One-Way Ticket

One-Word Sentence

Open Door Policy

Operator Issue

Opposing Identities

Optical Redundancy

Optically Acute

Orange Smorange

Organic Change

Organic Option

Orientation Situation

Out Of Reach

Out Of Shape

Outstanding Citizen

Outstanding Stamina

Oval Obsession

Oversize Acquisition

Painful Exception

Passage Prohibited

Passing Credit

Perfectly Qualified

Perilous Positioning

Perpetual Plan

Personal Interpretation

Pet Panacea

Pharmaceutical Footwear

Photographs And Memories

Physics Physiques

Piece Of Cake

Pining For The Fjords

Pinpoint Precision

Play Misty For Me

Playing Footsie

Pleasingly Plastic

Pointed Punctuation

Positional Perception

Positive Place

Posture Policy

Poultry Prisoners

Power Play

Predestined Dehydration

Predictable Diagnosis

Predictable Me

Prediction Perfection

Predictive Statements

Prehensile Utensils

Premium Compensation

Prime Time

Produce Misperception

Productive Conversation

Proletarian Proposition

Property Ownership

Proud Pop

Proximity Alert

Psychic Exchange

Publication Pretense

Punctual Punishment

Purrfect Pitch

Quality Assurance

Questionable Conversation

Questionable Performance

Reaching My Limits

Reaction Reaction

Ready To Eat

Real Downer

Reaping The Rewards

Recession Confession

Red Is The New Blue

Reluctant Bride

Required Reeding

Requirement Met



Reversal Of Fortune

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Reading

Reverse Reasoning

Rib-Tickling Topography

Right Angle

Right Place, Right Time

Rim Shot, Please


Rise Of Enlightenment

Roller Coaster Response

Rotary Locomotion

Royal Aroma

Rustler’s Rhapsody

Sad Affair

Sad Solace

Sage Advice

Sailing Along

Salty Psychiatry

Sanity Check

Saved From The Dumbbells

Scaled Recognition

Scented Sound

Scientific Solution


Seasonal Decision

Seasonal Help

Seating For One

Seaweed Wrap

Second Choice

Second Opinion

Secondary Solidarity

See-Through Diet

Self-Centered Little Matrons

Sensible Question

Sentence Sense

Separate Ports

Settlement Sequence

The Shape Of Meat

Sharp Shaping

Shooting Up

Short-Term Fear

Show Me Some

Sight Unseen

Silence Is Golden

Silent Rock Stars

Silent Savagery

Silent Service

Simple Complication

Simple Solution

Size Range

Skeletal Stand-Up

Slip Of The Tongue

Slippery Sir

Slow-Mo Bout

Smaller On The Outside

Smart Cookie

So Are The Days Of Our Lives

Soft Focus Filmography

Solar Flair

Solicitation Consolidation

Solid Food

Something In The Water

Sonic Resemblance

Sounds Contagious

Sounds Like A Plan

Spaced Out

Spatial Maximization

Speed Limit

Species Specific


Spinning Your Wheels

Spirited Relationship

Spiritual Anticipation

Split Decision

Spousal Expectations

Squeal Squelched

Squeezed Out

Stack Rattling

Standard Response

Starting Small

Staying Out Of OELURTB

Stealthy Stowaway

Stepping Out

Sticky Situation

Still Counting

Still Hungry

Still In The Room

Still Life

Stingy Crustacean

Stockyard Stand-Up

Stormy In Stockholm

Straight And Narrow

Stressful Shift

Super-Size It

Support Animal

Support Buds

Surely You Jest

Suspenseful Fallout

Swimming Blind

Switching Sides

Tabula Rosa

Take The Fork

Take The Shot

Take Two And Call

Taking One For Myself

Taking That Extra Step

Tanks A Lot


Tasty Tune


Tax Attacks

Team Metallica

Telltale Timepiece

Tension Bar

That’ll Be One Dollar

That’s A Start

Thespian Taunt

They’re Also Impish

Time Will Tell

Time-Worn Tome

Timely Advice

Timely Focus

To Be Announced

Toddler Detention

Too Spicy?

Too Wrong

Toothless Bruin

Toothy Triumph

Top Option

Topping Secret

Totally True

Touchy Topic

Trail Of Terror

Traumatic Transport

Triple Trouble

True Story

True To Life Ending

Trumpeting Trouble

Tubular Tension

Turnabout Is Fair Play

Turning The Tables

Twice The Help

A Two-Eyed Word

Type Casting

Uncanny Change

Under Cover

Unfocused Meaning

Unintended Meaning

Uninteresting Change

Universal Request

Unmistakable Move

Unprovided Service

Unraveling The Truth

Unrelated Development

An Unspeakable Gift


Unsworn Oath

Unwanted Child

Unwarranted Criticism

Uplifting Issue

Upward Bound

Upward Mobility

Use the Dance, Luke

Vanishing Point

Vehicular Phobia

Verbosely Vacillating

Veterinary Vacation

Viking Validation

Vision Check

Visionary Avocation

Visual Veracity

Vocational Disorder

The Voice

Wait Debate

Walk Away

Walk This Way

Walking Gag

Wascally Wabbits!

Wave Damage

Weighing In

Weighing Solution

Weight Loss Myth

Well And Good

Well Mannered

Well Schooled

Well, Well

Wet Suitability

Whale Of A Bargain


What Does A Horse Say?

What Goes Around

What Is Normal?

What’s Left?

What’s That Noise?

Wheah Have All The Ahs Gone?

When In Doubt, Hum It Out

Wheying In


Whisky Business

Who Are You?


Winking Out

Wish Fulfillment

Woman Of Letters

Woodworking Adjustment

Word Stretch

Wordless Wonder

Work In Progress

Wright And Wrong

Wrong Slant

The X Factor

Yore IQ

You Are What You Eat

You Do The Math

You Lookin’ At Me?

We Laughed And Laughed

Who’s For Dinner?

Willing Participant

Witchy Woes

Without Reservation


Words Of Warning

Wrinkly Uprising

Zero Degrees Of Separation

Zero Summary

Zero Zambonis