Accelerated Viewing

Accord Announcement

Acquisitional Accountability

Advanceable Agenda

Alphabetic Angst

Altitude Adjustment

Altitude Aspiration

An Apocalypse By Any Other Name

Anatomical Armament

Appetizing Asphalt

Aromatic Audio

Arrested Development

Astronomy Lesson

Bitter Brew

Bouncy Byway

Bovine Expansion

Boxing Match

Cephalopodic Excitation

Change Exception

Childhood Chucklefest

Clarifying Union

Clowning Around

Color My World

Colorless Question

Come For The Bull

Contents May Vary

Cords That Bind

Cowpoke Companion

Crafted With Love

Creative Fruition

Credit Consideration

Dastardly Double Derriere

Deciduous Designation

Delivery Disorder

Demonic Homecoming

Depopulating Gamester

Differential Digits

Digital Disillusionment

Dining Out

Drydocked God

Earned Outcome

Elevated Evaluation

Endlessly Entertaining

Final Acquisition

Final Frontier

Fixing a Hole

Foe Of The Fumble-Fingered

Forced Levity

Fully Charged

Future Necklace

Gargantuan Concern

Gator Aid

Get Set …

Getting Great Reviews

Getting Physical

Gig Gagged

Glowing Resume

Got Your Number

Grainy Gaze

Gravitational Reaction

The Great Escape

Hallucinating Sternidae



Hiding Hydration

High Horseman

The High Way To Healthy

Higher Power

Humming Along

Icky Integer

Icy Hot

Impeccable Performance

Inanimate Timepiece

Initial Addition

Installation Procrastination

A Knight To Remember

Knight Moves

Less Fat

Libation Relocation

Limited Lifespan


Losing Control

Luggage Loss

Meaningful Knowledge

Mesozoically Verbose

Metamorphic Response

Miranda Waiver?

Moat Point

Monetary Misdemeanor

Mooving Occupation

Musical Mechanism

Murderous Mob

Natural Subservience

New Blacksmith

New Knowledge

Nice Belt!

No Grain, No Pain

No Riders

Nosferatuan Nutrition

Not My Problem

Not Your Cheese

Numerical Mystery

Occupational Reflection

On Call

One-Word Sentence

Optical Redundancy

Outstanding Citizen

Outstanding Stamina

Perilous Positioning

Piece Of Cake

Pining For The Fjords

Positional Perception

Proletarian Proposition

Proximity Alert

Questionable Conversation

Questionable Performance

Reaction Reaction

Recession Confession

Requirement Met

Reversal Of Fortune

Rotary Locomotion

Royal Aroma

Salty Psychology

Sanity Check

Scientific Solution

Secondary Solidarity

See-Through Diet

Separate Ports

Silence Is Golden

Silent Rock Stars

Silent Savagery

Silent Service

Skeletal Stand-Up

Smart Cookie

Solicitation Consolidation

Spaced Out

Spatial Maximization

Starting Small

Stepping Out

Still Hungry

Tax Attacks

Team Metallica

Tension Bar

Toddler Detention

Toothy Triumph

Top Option

Trail Of Terror

Universal Request

Unmistakable Move

Upward Descent

Veterinary Vacation

Viking Validation

Visionary Avocation

Wait Debate

Weighing Solution

Whale Of A Bargain


What Goes Around

Winking Out

Woodworking Adjustment

Wordless Wonder