Abandoned Bidding

Academic Distinction

Ackbar Admonition

Accelerated Viewing

Accord Announcement

Accountability Ability

Acquisitional Accountability

Advanceable Agenda

Alphabetic Angst

Altitude Adjustment

Altitude Aspiration

An Apocalypse By Any Other Name

Anatomical Armament

Appetizing Asphalt

Aromatic Audio

Arrested Development

As The World Turns

Astronomy Lesson

Auntie Dearest

Author Inspiration

Back On Foot

Be Specific

Beastly Beverage

Besting Casey

Big Deal

Bigger Bang

Bitter Brew

Blending In

Boat Broker

Born On A Mountaintop

Bouncy Byway

Bovine Expansion

Boxing Match

Brilliant Scholar

Budget Breaker

Bugging Out

Bulbous Belief

Bumbershoot Bumble

Butter Up!

Cacophonous Catch

Celestial Celebration

Cephalopodic Excitation

Change Exception

Childhood Chucklefest

Clarifying Union

Clearly Gone

Clocking In

Clowning Around

Coining A Phrase

Cold Trail

Color My World

Colorless Question

Come For The Bull

Coming Around

Comparing Notes

Completion Complication

Contents May Vary

Conversion Simplification – Part 1

Conversion Simplification – Part 2

Conversion Simplification – Part 3

Conversion Simplification – Part 4

Conversion Simplification – Part 5

Conversion Simplification – Part 6

Conversion Simplification – Part 7

Conversion Simplification – Part 8

Conversion Simplification – Part 9

Conversion Simplification – Part 10

Conversion Simplification – Part 11

Conversion Simplification – Part 12

Conversion Simplification – Part 13

Cords That Bind

Country Of Origin

Courtesy Title


Cowpoke Companion

Crafted With Love

Creative Fruition

Credit Consideration

Criminal Numeral

Cubic Inquiry

Culinary Caution

Dapper Dresser

Dastardly Double Derriere

Dead Wrong

Decaffeinated Depression

Deciduous Designation

Deep-Baked Thoughts

Defending Democracy

Definitive Anticipation

Definitive Anticipation – Part 2

Delivery Disorder

Demonic Homecoming

Depopulating Gamester

Dietary Discovery

Different Strokes

Differential Digits

Digital Disillusionment

Digital Opposites

Digital Romance

Dimensional Determination

Dining Out

Diverse Distinctions

Divisible Dinner

Drawn Expression

Drydocked God

Earned Outcome

Ecliptic Edible


Elemental Liars

Elevated Evaluation

Endlessly Entertaining

Enhanced Viewing

Enlightening Strike

Evening The Odds

Exponential Growth

Extra Baggage Fees Apply

Eye Spy

Eyes Wide Shut


Fascinating Fastenings

Fatal Attraction

Fear Of Nothing

Fender Bender

Final Acquisition

Final Frontier

First Things First

Fixing a Hole

Flight Risks

Focal Point

Foe Of The Fumble-Fingered

Following Directions

Forbidden Byte

Forced Levity

Frigid Fangs

Fully Charged

Furiously Fast

Future Necklace

Gained In Translation

Game Of Chance

Gargantuan Concern

Gastral Projection

Gator Aid

Genealogical Revelation

Get Set …

Getting Great Reviews

Getting Physical

Gig Gagged

Gimme A Break

Glowing Resume

Going Down

Going Down In Flames

A Good Day To Dye

Got Speed?

Got Your Number

Grainy Gaze

Gravitational Reaction

The Great Escape

Great Mooove

Green Listening

Hallucinating Sternidae

Handicapped Hindsight


Having A Ball

Hazmat Disposal

Heading For Heartburn


Heard By The Herd

Heavy-Duty Delivery

Hello, My Name Is …

Hello, Newman

Hiding Hydration

High Horseman

High Seas Hijinks

The High Way To Healthy

Higher Power

Homogenizing Happenstance

Homonymic Confusion

Hoop Hopes Hammered

Horse Of A Different Species

How About A Little Red Leicester?

How Green Was My Valley

Humming Along

Hurry Up And Wait

Icky Integer

Icy Hot

If Odometers Could Talk

Impeccable Performance

Inanimate Timepiece

Inescapable Association

Initial Addition

Inner Space

Installation Procrastination

Instrumental Errors

Intellectually Unchallenged

John Hancock

Jumping The Rider

Keep The Change

Keeping It Soft

Kinship Conundrum

A Knight To Remember

Knight Moves

Knock On Wood

Lazy Lacer

Leave It To Beaver

Less Fat

Libation Relocation

Lifetime Difference

Light My Fire

Limited Lifespan

Limited Similarities

The Long Goodbye

Looking Up


Losing Control

Lubrication Location

Luggage Loss

Make No Bones About It

Meaningful Knowledge

Measured Monarchy

Meaty Rejection

Media Mistake

Mesozoically Verbose

Metamorphic Response

Metatarsal Memos

Miranda Waiver?

Moat Point

Moist Mistake

Monetary Misdemeanor

Mooving Occupation

More In The Fold

Multiple Maladies

Multiplying Factor

Muscle Beach

Musical Match

Musical Mechanism

Murderous Mob

Mythical Misidentification

Name Game

Natural Subservience

Nebulous Query

Need A Hand?

New Blacksmith

New Headmaster

New Knowledge

Nice Belt!

No Fear Of Defeat

No Fly Zone

No Grain, No Pain

No More Jitters

No Riders

No Skippy?

No Star

No Uber

Noble Achievement

Nosferatuan Nutrition

Not Cool!

Not My Problem

Not Your Cheese

Numerical Mystery

Nutritional Allegation

Nutritional Illumination

Obedience Test


Occupational Reflection

Octogenarian Outlaw

Oddly Enough …

Ohmish Warning

Ohm’s Other Law

On Call

One-Way Ticket

One-Word Sentence

Open Door Policy

Operator Issue

Optical Redundancy

Orange Smorange

Organic Change

Orientation Situation

Out Of Reach

Outstanding Citizen

Outstanding Stamina

Painful Exception

Perilous Positioning

Pharmaceutical Footwear

Physics Physiques

Piece Of Cake

Pining For The Fjords

Pinpoint Precision

Play Misty For Me

Playing Footsie

Pointed Punctuation

Positional Perception

Positive Place

Posture Policy

Poultry Prisoners

Power Play

Predestined Dehydration

Predictive Statements

Proletarian Proposition

Proximity Alert

Psychic Exchange

Quality Assurance

Questionable Conversation

Questionable Performance

Reaction Reaction

Real Downer

Recession Confession

Required Reeding

Requirement Met

Reversal Of Fortune

Right Angle

Rim Shot, Please

Rotary Locomotion

Royal Aroma

Salty Psychology

Sanity Check

Scientific Solution

Seaweed Wrap

Second Choice

Second Opinion

Secondary Solidarity

See-Through Diet

Separate Ports

Sharp Shaping

Short-Term Fear

Silence Is Golden

Silent Rock Stars

Silent Savagery

Silent Service

Simple Complication

Simple Solution

Size Range

Skeletal Stand-Up

Slippery Sir

Slow-Mo Bout

Smart Cookie

Solar Flair

Solicitation Consolidation

Spaced Out

Spatial Maximization

Squeal Squelched

Standard Response

Starting Small

Stepping Out

Still Hungry

Still In The Room

Stockyard Stand-Up

Stressful Shift

Support Animal

Support Buds

Surely You Jest

Swimming Blind

Tabula Rosa

Tax Attacks

Team Metallica

Tension Bar

Thespian Taunt

Time Will Tell

Timely Advice

To Be Announced

Toddler Detention

Toothy Triumph

Top Option

Trail Of Terror

Unfocused Meaning

Universal Request

Unmistakable Move

Unraveling The Truth

Unwarranted Criticism

Upward Descent

Vehicular Phobia

Verbosely Vacillating

Veterinary Vacation

Viking Validation

Visionary Avocation

The Voice

Wait Debate

Walk Away

Weighing Solution

Well, Well

Whale Of A Bargain


What Goes Around

When In Doubt, Hum It Out


Winking Out

Wish Fulfillment

Woman Of Letters

Woodworking Adjustment

Wordless Wonder

Wrong Slant

You Lookin’ At Me?

Your IQ

Zero Summary