Absolute Control

All Bets Off

Altitude Adjustment

Angular Appellation

Arrested Respiration

Ask Not

Astronomical Astrology

Bedroom Taboos

Bringing The Heat

Ceremonial Hope

Communication Breakdown

Corrective Action

Critical Chemicals

Date With Death

Deadly Question

Designated Greeter

Destructive Creativity

Do Not Disturb

Domestic Caution

Don’t Call Us …

Down-To-Earth Safety

Dying Wish

Elevated Condition

Energetic Curiosity

Fantastic Foresight

Fatal Exposure

Footfree Manufacturing

Globular Veracity

Hair-Raising Question

I Want It Yesterday!

Ignoring The Ladder

I’ll Take The Low Road

Illogical Computation

Illuminating Intelligence

Indefinite Delay

Just Wet For It

Khaleesi Acuity



Life Goes On

Limitations Apply

Linear Limitations

Magic On Hold

Medicinal Bakery

Monthly Mismatch

Nicer Than People

No Longer Available

No Sharing!

Non-Conforming Standard

Nothing Doing

Objectionable Accuracy

Offspring Admonition

One Bullet Dodged

Opportunity Unrecognized


Overly Conscientious Conscience

People Are The Problem

Perfectly Wrong

Perspective Adaptation

Pessimistic Pessimism

Plan B

Positively Dead

Proactive Marksmanship

Proof Of Concept

Publication Pretense

Punctuational Nuance

Quality Time

Questionable Arrangement

Retrospective Rent

Road Rage Rationale

Road To Riches

Show Me The Way

Security In Knowledge

Semantic Coverage

Sensible Fiction

Silver Dissociation

Smart Questions?

Sound Of Silence

Spellbinding Subjectivity

Standard Excuse

Static Status

Subjective Objectivity

Successful Failure

Taking Names

Teaching By Example

Tequila Accountancy

Tone For Truth

Top Loser

Two-Party Promises

Undaunted Disbelief

Unenlightened Velocity

Unlucky Day Down Under

Vacuous Ambition

Washout Wisdom

What Is Normal?

Who Dies For The Prize?

Win-Win Negativity

You Don’t Say