Eulogy for a Companion

Friends, we gather here today to celebrate the lives of Clara Oswald, “The Impossible Girl,” whose newly freed soul has transcended all space and time to take its rightful place in the Universal Mind.

clara_sepiaClara, 28, died bravely Nov, 21, 2015, sacrificing herself for a friend, on an obscure street in London. The apparent cause of death was magic smoke inhalation after a Raven of Death had plunged into her body.

Clara long served as the Doctor’s faithful companion. She joined him in his 11th generation. She nurtured and guided him through his regeneration struggles as he became the 12th Doctor.

Clara was unique among the companions the Doctor has adopted during his more than 2000 years of existence. He encountered her multiple times across his generational timelines and witnessed the previous deaths of at least two of her incarnations, Oswin and Clara Oswin Oswald.

The Doctor thereafter searched across time for other versions of Clara, and found the 21st century incarnation who became his companion. He later discovered that Clara had been “echoed” across his entire timeline — ever since another version of Clara had sacrificed herself on the Doctor’s behalf. Unknown to the Doctor, Clara had come to his aid, even saved his life, numerous times.

I am aware that some of you did not like Clara or fully accept her as a proper companion for the Doctor. She was bossy and frequently challenged the Doctor’s authority. She was also fearless, resourceful and  fiercely loyal.

To those who wished her gone, I say, OK; you finally have what you wanted. Happy? Know that she would have given her life for you. Feel appropriately guilty.

Clara was born Nov. 23, 1986, to Ellie and Dave Oswald in Blackpool, Lancashire County, England. In her lifetimes, she worked as a starship crew member, Dalek puppet, barmaid, governess, nanny and school teacher.

Clara was preceded in death by her mother; her sometimes boyfriend, Danny Pink; and the first through 11th Doctors. Survivors include a special friend, Basil; and millions of Clara Oswald duplicates scattered throughout the known and unknown Universe.

While this version of Clara may have gone on to her reward, we can take comfort in knowing that most of her adventures with the Doctors have been recorded and preserved. In that sense, Clara will always be with us.

In lieu of flowers, memorials to the Commission Looking at Repeating Alternates (CLARA) have been suggested.