Series Renewal News

Killjoys has been renewed by Syfy for a 10-episode second season! Great news and cause for celebration. I’m anxiously awaiting the further adventures of Dutch, John and D’Avin in the worlds of the Quad.

Lesser news: Syfy has also renewed Dark Matter for 13 more episodes. OK. I can give the show another chance. It had its moments.

Why 13 for a mediocre series and only 10 for a excellent one? Get your priorities straight, Syfy.

Back to great news. AMC will host another season of Humans.

The first season kept me guessing as to where all the pieces of the Synth puzzle went, but they all came together nicely in final episodes. Co-produced by British Channel 4, this superlative series now stands to take an even deeper look at how humans might co-exist in a world with lookalike sentient machines.

Why only 8 episodes per season? Open up those purse strings, AMC/Channel 4. Humans deserves at least a dozen per season.

Other highly watchable science fiction programs coming back sooner than the above trio include iZombie and The 100. Both series run on The CW. Then, of course, we’ve got BBC’s venerable Doctor Who, the only science fiction series in the known space-time continuum to have more than a half-century of Earth years under its belt.

It’s going to be a great 2015-2016 season for sci-fi fans.

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