Man Seeking Woman

No, that’s not the the heading on a Craig’s List personal ad. It’s show that fans of off-beat TV might want to check out.

This over-the-top comedy, three episodes into its second season on FXX, is absurdist humor at its finest. A few words of warning: this show is rated MA for reasons of language, sexual situations and/or nudity, although not the type of nudity you find on the likes of Game of Thrones

MSW focuses on the oftentimes surrealistic trials and tribulations of Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel), whose relationships with women are so disastrous they make the Hindenburg look like a transportation success story. Josh has been turned down by the Last Woman on Earth. He has discovered that 100 percent of women on the planet may be genetically incapable of being sexually attracted to him.

Josh has gone on a blind date with an actual troll. Josh and a girlfriend have taken the next logical step in couplehood by becoming surgically conjoined, which made their inevitable breakup more than psychologically painful. His mother (Robin Duke) has held him hostage and tortured him for information about his latest girlfriend.

The show frequently goes beyond the boundaries of good taste, depending on where you might personally draw the line. Last season, both Josh and his best bud, Mike (Eric Andre) leave a club with women, only to discover that they left their penises back at the club. This season, Josh attempts to find sexual fulfillment with a 1998 Saturn.

MSW is based on The Last Girlfriend on Earth, by Simon Rich, who is the top dog behind the TV version. Adding comedic chops to its pedigree, the show lists Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) is an executive producer, teaming his Broadway Video with FX Productions to make the series.

For me, Man Seeking Woman has been a consistent source of laughs and admiration for the fertile creativity of its writers. Of course, I regularly stray from mainstream television fare. Your reaction might be as different as the show.