Dead Rat, Live Rat,Brown Rat, White Rat (S1:E12)

A cheerleader and an Asshat? Liv had the dubious honor of experiencing both in this episode, which featured a double (possibly triple) murder and set up the season finale next week.

Why Did the Zombie Cross the Road?
Kimber Cooper, all-American cheerleader and "the prettiest girl in school," is the first to die. Kimber decided to ditch the youth ministry lock-in she was supposed to attend. She opts instead to spend the evening with the Asshats, the band name taken by a trio of high school misfits. She finds herself speeding down a dark country road in a stolen car being driven with the headlights off.
Giving in to that “bad boy" attraction thing; unfortunate decision, Kimber.
The car hits Sebastian, freshly commissioned to zombiehood by Liv in the last episode. Not surprisingly, he appears to be very dead. The teens opt to bury his body in a shallow grave in the woods.
Does this sound like a familiar plot?
Kimber, the moral compass of the group, wants mark the grave with a cross of twigs. That seems like a bad idea to Teresa, the lady Asshat, who prefers that the authorities not be given any special clues to find the body -- including a neon sign and leaving their driver licenses.
Teresa is a tad on the sarcastic side.
"Didn't you see Orange is the New Black?" Teresa says. "I'm not taking a shower wearing tampon sandals!"
Zombies being zombies, Sebastian does not stay buried for long, dramatically emerging, fist-first, behind the still debating group. He snatches poor Kimber, then cracks her skull open with a rock to get his first fresh brain "fix."

But I'm a Cheerleader
Locked on a mission to kill Blaine, Liv questions how gaining the memories and skills of a cheerleader is going to help, "unless I cartwheel him to death." The show must go on, however, and Liv chugs brain tissue, which is about two weeks past its "best if used by" date,  mixed with "cold Mexican hot chocolate."
Liv almost immediately becomes the "big ball of awesome" that was Kimber. Nothing is impossible if you never give up, she tells Ravi.
"I'm fairly certain you've got spirit," Ravi responds, using the same tone one might use when telling a patient she has an STD.

Stoner? I Hardly Knew Her
Victim number two is Nate, one of the Asshats. On top of her cheerleader bubbles, Liv now acquires a taste for THC, snacks and looking at the big picture that is life.
Teresa, who comes to the police because she fears she and band leader Cameron will be the next victims, finally acknowledges the episode's debt to Hollywood.
"If there's anything I learned from I Know What You Did Last Summer, 1 and 2, is that me and Cameron are next on the killer's revenge list," she tells Liv and Clive.
A bit under the influence, the lollipop-slurping Liv expresses amazement that Teresa saw the second movie.
"There should be a third one called Seriously, I'm So Not Ever Forgetting What You Did Last Summer,"  Liv says.
Clive is not amused.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Liv returns to the apartment shared with Peyton to find Peyton unconscious and Sebastian cheerfully cooking in the kitchen. Seems he has acquired culinary skills because he just couldn't stop himself from eating his favorite aunt's brains.
A fight ensues, with both combatants going into red-eyed, full-on zombie mode. Liv, unfazed by a stab to the gut, wins the day by plunging a kitchen knife into Sebastian's skull. Small catch, though -- Peyton witnesses the killing, including Liv's ability to ignore mortal wounds.
"What are you?” a visibly shaken Peyton asks Liv.
Liv confesses her zombiehood, attempting to reassure Peyton that's she's one of the good zombies who would never, ever eat a roommate's brains. That doesn't seem to ease Peyton's mind, and she flees the scene while Liv is getting peroxide to treat Peyton's wounds. Liv tells Ravi that Peyton knows her secret
Sebastian  is dead, not just half-dead. So, who is still killing these people? Cameron is Clive's pimary suspect. I'm guessing he is wrong.
Probable murder number three completes the episode, as Teresa is led to a motel room by a series of text messages, ostensibly from Cameron. It's a trap, and the episode ends with Teresa crawling to a phone and calling 911.
Fade to black.

No, wait! There's more!
Did I mention that Major manages to get captured by Blaine and is being held at the meat emporium for interrogation on the subject of Blaine's missing astronaut brainfood? Did I mention that Liv's little brother gets a job from Blaine, who knows he's Liv's brother?  Did I mention that Major overhears the job interview and knows that Blaine knows about big sister?
Yeah, those things happened.
Can all of this be neatly tied together in the season finale? Seems like the best development would be for Major to get the upper hand, kill Blaine (now that he knows all about zombies from his internet research), saving himself and little brother.
This seems unlikely. Blaine has so successfully been one or more steps ahead of the other characters in the opening season that I have come to suspect he is the only one reading the script.

We'll see next week. As Col. John “Hannibal” Smith was so fond of saying, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

One other thing!
What does any of this have to do with the title of the episode, you ask? Well, amid all this mayhem, Ravi continues to experiment with find a cure for zombiehood. White Zombie Rat, previously restored to normal Brown Rat, dies. However, Ravi succeeds in creating Zombie Rat II.
The quest continues.

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