Blaine’s World To Be Continued (Season 1 finale)

Yes, Blaine's life will go on, following the June 9 season finale of iZombie – as will  those of Major, probably Liv's little brother, and possibly even the brain-gobbling Lt. Suzuki (I didn't see any damage to his head when he was hauled from Meat Cute). I guess, when you're granted a second season early enough, you don't feel any strong need to wrap up story arcs.
Liv passed on a second attempt to put Blaine down. Gun literally to his head, Blaine convinced Liv that his continued existence was the only thing standing in the way of a zombie apocalypse.
I'm not sure that I would have bought that line of logic; nor am I sure what Liv hoped to accomplish by injecting Blaine with the last dose of experimental zombie cure. Having administered the second-to-the-last dose to Major, she already had a guinea pig. Why two?
What will they do with Blaine if he reverts back to full-blooded human? He'll still be a criminal asshole.
Major being saved by a loving zombie scratch from Liv seemed like a good way to end the season – star-crossed lovers reunited in zombiehood. But, no! Next season Major will be an angry human (probably), and Liv will still be a melancholy zombie. The only change there will be that Major knows, so he will join Peyton in  the Totally Mad at Liv for Lying Club.
I've got to admire Major's clever escape from the meat locker, getting his arsenal from his car and returning to the scene as a Terminator. He got them all, even Crazy Lunch Lady after letting her slide – except for Blaine. Curses! Just one step ahead again.
Even Max Rager will go on, at least according to CEO Vaughn “Wings” Du Clark. I loved his rationale for moving from pharmaceuticals to energy drinks and avoiding all that troublesome regulation. No need to mention that side-effects might include becoming a zombie.
Despite so little about the finale being final, I still enjoyed the episode.
Liv as the “snarky little bitch,” Teresa, was a hoot. Best segment caption: “Bloodbath and Beyond.”
I'm looking forward to season two.

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