Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Holy fast-as-hell, swarming, World War Z-style, White Walker-directed, unstoppable even with an arrow through the skull, can take a fall and come back for more, but apparently afraid of water zombies!

This is the kind of action I’ve been waiting to see all season; no, make that all series! Winter is no longer coming. It’s freakin’ here, and a huge number of Wildlings have now become new zombie army recruits. Good thing they were already wearing what appeared to be camouflage uniforms.

I thought I detected some sparks between Jon and the Wildling Warrior Princess. I was bummed when she fell to the zombie kids. Couldn’t tell if she hesitated because they were her own, or just because she was a mother. Pretty blue eyes, though, when she was raised from the dead. I hope Jon notices the difference when they meet again.

What was up with Jon’s clearly non-dragonglass sword destroying a White Walker? I believe I heard his sword striking a tuning forkish type tone just as he turned the White Walker into ice fragments. Does he possess the Singing Sword of Prince Valiant?

How about that giant? Grumpy and badly in need of dental work as he was, he did a commendable job of protecting the rear with his uprooted utility pole as Jon and the surviving Night’s Watchmen beat a hasty retreat to the boats.

I was afraid that Mr. Giant was going to try to hop into one of those seriously undersized rowboats himself, but he seemed more than vertically able to wade to the main transports. I’m thinking, though, that he would pretty much need one of the big boats all to himself, not that he didn’t earn it.

On to the less spectacular stuff.

Tyrion seems to have successfully talked his way into becoming Dany’s advisor, as one wise in the ways of the rich. Didn’t I predict that? Insider information! Yeah!

The Imp may have been instrumental in saving Jorah’s life, which Dany had promised to take if he ever darkened her doorstep again, but she does relent and boot Jorah from Meereen. His decision to return to the fighting pits was no doubt influenced by his belief that his days are numbered by greyscale. Man, that ailment takes a lot longer to turn a guy to stone than those crystals the Inhumans like to use on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cersei is going through tough times in her dungeon cell. She’s dehydrated. King Tommen doesn’t call; he doesn’t write. Brother Jaime is out of town and out of touch. Her curly do has gone all frizzy.

She’s got one ultra-tough dungeon matron who won’t even let her complete her repetitious “last face you’ll see” death threat before she gets the words slapped right out of her mouth. Cersei is too proud to grovel before the High Sparrow, but not too proud to suck up the water dumped on the cell floor after she continues refusing to confess.

Oh, well.

Tonight’s Sansa was the toughest Sansa I’ve ever seen. She confronts Theon/Reek about his treachery and forces him to reveal that she is not the sole surviving Stark. I did wonder about how those two expendable farm boys felt about standing in for that burning beyond recognition gig.

Is Arya ready for her first assassination mission? Target, the Thin Man. Method, apparently poison applied to his fresh oysters. Naturally, should she be caught or killed in this mission, the Many-Faced God will disavow all knowledge of her action.