Shireen! Oh My God! Shireen!

I am in total shock. Never, in all my more than a half-century of television viewing, have I seen a child sacrificed in the name of a weird religious cult.
How could they? How in hell could they?
How could they burn a sweet, wonderful girl like Shireen at the stake? WTF!!!
Game of Thrones may have set a new mark for audience agitation. Were they trying to make a point? Is religious extremism the ultimate evil? Who didn't know that?
I could not believe this sacrifice was really going to happen. No! No! No! Father! Father! Father!
Yes! Yes! Yes! King Stannis was, for the second time, going to put his love for his daughter ahead of his stupid, superstitious desire for victory; charge in and save her.
No. Her previously spineless mother was the only one to take action – to no avail.
The screams! The horrible, horrible screams of agony! At least HBO had the decency to put her death off-camera. Even so, I may still have nightmares.
I had been building a respect for Stannis this season. Gone! Completely gone! I hope he fails miserably in his attempt to regain Winterfell. I also hope that he and the Boltons excruciatingly annihilate each other when he gets there.
As for Melisandre, I can't imagine an appropriately agonizing death scene for that bitch. Sorry, I could not think of a more applicable label.
Obviously, she needs to depart the series via her favorite route – a flames-rising-to-heaven bonfire. Before she gets tied to the stake, however, I would very much like to see her beaten with clubs, dipped in hydrochloric acid, and partially drawn and quartered.
My apologies to Carice van Houten. I am sure that, off-sceen, she is nothing like the character she plays – just like Jack Gleeson's Joffrey. Or so they say.

Drogon, Drogon, Drogon!
I have a soft spot for dragons. When Drogon came to Dany's rescue, it actually gave me goosebumps. I felt every arrow and spear that the loyal Drogon suffered.
Hokey as it may have been, Dany riding Drogon out of the arena (did HBO repair and rent the Colosseum for this epic scene?) was a Death Star exploding moment for me. I hope Drogon doesn't make a Dragonheart exit in the season finale.
I am assuming that Jorah and the others Dany left behind were able prevail against the Sons of the Harpy. The sheer number of these masked creeps, not to mention the sharp respect they gave her intended groom, should convince Dany to abandon her efforts to tame Meereen. Maybe Daario's wholesale slaughter of the masters was not such a bad idea.

The Eyes Have It!
The Calisi's fearful looks as Jorah fought clearly showed she retains strong feelings for him. I'm fairly certain that any love felt on her part is more along the lines of a daughter for a father. The lovestruck look on Jorah's face is a different matter entirely.

Welcome Back to Castle Black
First Ranger Alliser Thorne took his sweet time before giving the order to open the tunnel gate and let the Wildlings enter. I was not at all sure he would go against his instincts, and apparently neither was Jon. Thorne summed up the situation nicely when he told Jon he has a good heart which will get everyone killed. I'm guessing Thorne hasn't had any field experience against the White Walkers and their army of the dead. That might make him just a wee bit more welcoming toward the Wildling recruits.

Mission Not Accomplished
Arya's quick abandonment of her assassination assignment to stalk the far more tempting personal target of Ser Meryn does not bode well for staying in the good graces of the Many-Faced God. Didn't Arya read the fine print in her training contract? She must have missed the “no substitutions” clause.
The Thin Man wasn't hungry? Jaqen didn't buy that for an instant.

Dorne Departure
How about that sudden display of fangs by the previously benign and peaceful Prince Doran Martell? He certainly knocked the spunk out of Ellaria. I don't recall Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi ever being quite that scary as Dr. Bashir.
With Jaime, Bronn, Myrcella and her fiance cleared to leave Dorne, I am expecting the focus of the season finale to shift to King's Landing. Jaime has no idea that Cersei is rotting in a dungeon cell. It's my understanding that it takes at least two to commit an act of incest. The High Sparrow would probably like to have few words with Jaime upon his arrival.