Cersei! Cersei! Cersei!

Warning: This blog contains spoilers for anyone who has not yet watched the featured or preceding Game of Thrones episodes. I am writing from the perspective of someone who has not yet read the George R.R. Martin books on which the HBO series is based. If making comments, please refrain from pointing out discrepancies between the novels and the series or revealing anything which might come in the series based on book knowledge.
How great was it to see the ever-scheming Cersei get her due May 24 in Game of Thrones “The Gift”?

Who didn’t see that comeuppance coming? It was a delight to see Cersei’s customary smug look evaporate as she realized her puppet was no longer attached to his strings. It was an especially sweet thing coming immediately after the Queen Mother had just lorded (ladied?) it over real Queen (technically) Margaery. Give Margaery a rousing three cheers for rejecting all of Cersei’s spiel and tossing that leftover venison at the cell wall.

Welcome to the dungeon, Cersei. The High Sparrow is the real deal.

Just when you think Theon cannot possibly reek any more than he does, he does. Sansa – kept under lock and key by day, conjugally visited and abused by Ramsay by night – implores Theon to help her by sending the rescue signal. Instead, Theon spills the plan to Ramsay, who proceeds to skin the poor woman watching for the signal, then displays the results of his handiwork to Sansa.
It seems increasingly obvious that the only person who is going to rescue Sansa is Sansa.

Dany continues to ponder how to best get the upper hand in a city-state built by slavery. She gets some questionable advice during pillow talk with her bed beau Daario, who urges mass slaughter of all city masters. When Dany says she is a ruler, not a butcher, Daario replies:
“All rulers are either butchers or meat.”
Where, oh where, is sage counsel to be found when a wannabe benevolent despot needs it?
Well, Dany is certainly not ready to accept Jorah’s return in that role, as she made abundantly clear when he popped out of his helmet after trouncing the rest of the guys in a seriously lame “great games.”
Did he change her mind by presenting Tyrion Lannister as a “gift”? I’m not sure just how Tyrion, at the top of the Lannisters’ Most Wanted Dead or Alive List, qualifies as anything of value.
Insider information?

Lady Olenna trades jabs with The High Sparrow and pretty much comes away from the match with her nose bloodied.
“We are the many. You are the few,” he tells the lady. “And, when the many stop fearing the few…”
He walks away from Olenna without finishing the sentence. So, how about “…the few become the none.”?
A busy, busy lady in this episode, Olenna also meets with Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. Both characters previously claimed (privately, of course) credit for the poisoning death of King Joffrey, and their conversation reveals more.
“Together, we murdered a king,” Olenna reminds Littlefinger.
Aha! It was a collaborative effort. Thank you for the service.

Looks like Bronn has a new girlfriend in Tyene Sand. Their courtship apparently began in the last episode with their skirmish over custody of Myrcella Baratheon. Thrown into adjacent Dornian prison cells, they engage in a debate over whether she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Tyene employs a pair of unfair tactics, also letting him know that she poisoned him with the knife slash she administered during the fight. If he will admit that she is, in fact, the most beautiful woman in the world, she will give him the antidote.
He does, and she tosses him the the vial containing the antidote. Considering that the poison has blurred his vision and caused him to collapse, Bronn makes an amazing catch and quaffs the antidote. Romance is not dead.

Samwell’s fortunes keep sliding downhill at Castle Black – Jon leaves on his mission to save the Wildlings; Maester Aemon dies; Sam gets stomped in defending Gilly. Events take an upward turn, however, when a grateful Gilly and Sam do the horizontal hokey-pokey – well, Sam is horizontal, anyway, still recovering from his beating.
Sam’s response to this development?
“Oh, oh my!”