Zombie Spin-Off Finds Its Mojo

Never underestimate the power of zombies in large numbers.

Some 2,000 hungry zombies made mincemeat of a military outpost when Fear the Walking Dead completed its introductory mini-season Oct. 4. It was a fast-moving, slam-bang finale to a six-episode run.

Accustomed to the heavy-duty action of Fear’s older sibling, The Walking Dead, I was disappointed at the pace of the spin-off when it debuted Aug. 23 on AMC. I knew that the new series was set at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, but I thought it was unfolding waaay too slowly.

Still, I am a big fan of The Walking Dead and zombies in general, so I stuck with Fear. That was the right decision.

By the third episode, I was hooked on AMC’s consistently excellent character development and storytelling. I had found the patience to accept the rate at which the characters were transitioning and adapting to their new nightmare reality.

AMC has an amazing ability to find talented casts for its programs. Stir in powerful drama, and the network has an infallible recipe for success.

True to its parent series, Fear has suffered some key character losses, enhancing the reality of a fantastic premise. The series has also picked up a new character who promises to play a major role when the 15-episode second season returns in 2016.

When it does, I’ll be watching.

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