An eloquent summary of the Pretender to the Presidency written by by Charles P. Pierce, Esquire Magazine:

(Unfortunately, access is limited to twice before you’ll be on the wrong side of a pay wall.)


Fingers Crossed



Donald J. Trump, Pretender to the Presidency, is in full meltdown.

Which is the best analogy?

  1. A giant, bottom-feeding carp is in the net and being winched aboard ship to be hung and gutted.​
  2. A rabid rhino has stumbled into quicksand and is wildly kicking his way to compete submersion.​
  3. A big, juicy cockroach has been ensnared in its web of lies and is about to be wrapped up and consumed by checks and balances.​
  4. A wobbling satellite which never quite achieved low orbit is heading for fiery atmospheric re-entry en route to making a historic political crater.
  5. A traitorous, clueless chief executive has babbled his way to oblivion.​
  6. All of the above.