trumpNo matter what the lamestream media may try to tell you, do not let them sway your belief in the words of Donald J. Trump, duly elected President of the United States of America.

When the President declares an end to the COVID-19 lockdown, you should immediately schedule massive gatherings to show your support. Your celebrations should include an abundance of those long-denied hugs and kisses.

Pay no attention to false warnings based on science or other fake news from the non-Fox media. Anything that is healthy for the stock market is healthy for you.

Do you know people who constantly complain that the President’s administration is entirely based on ignorance and lies? They are untouchables.

Shun them completely.

Forget them.

Let them continue to cower in their homes, isolated by their paranoia.

If you or those closest to you begin to show signs of illness, don’t bother seeking medical attention. That’s exactly what those attempting to control you want you to do. Continue with your normal daily lives, secure in what Donald has told you.

Stay the course.


An eloquent summary of the Pretender to the Presidency written by by Charles P. Pierce, Esquire Magazine:

(Unfortunately, access is limited to twice before you’ll be on the wrong side of a pay wall.)