Open House Extravaganza!

All followers of this blog, as well as followers of followers and those who follow them, are cordially invited to tour the newer and improving A Berg’s Eye View.

By tour, I mean go click-crazy. By newer and improving, I mean adding pages, menu items and hyperlinks. Tons and tons of hyperlinks.

The now more than 30 pages of this site categorize meme topics, providing quicker access to content that individual visitors might find most personally amusing. Each page presents direct links to memes posted on the site.

It is no longer necessary to endlessly scroll down the main page of more than 1,500 memes to find those most likely to make you chuckle. Visitors may now opt to become mesmerized or bored to tears in record time. As always, admission is free, and visitors may take as many memes as they can carry home with them.

If you should encounter a broken link during your visit, please let me know via comment, and an emergency technician will be dispatched to restore it to working order or destroy it in a matter of seconds. Bear in mind, however, that seconds are temporal building blocks that can add up to years.

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