Time for Hearing Hell to Halt


Watching the House hearings July 24, I felt a combination of admiration and pity for poor Robert Mueller.

Donald has taken a heavy toll on this devoted public servant. It’s time for us to stop pinning our hopes for ridding ourselves of Donald on Mueller, and let this exhausted war hero off the hook.

If a tedious day of testimony can only bring a handful of House Democrats into the pro-impeachment faction, initiating impeachment proceedings would be a waste of time and resources. Another endless series of hearings, horror of horrors, might even help Donald secure a second term.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, once again, stands as the tried-and-true political compass by which all Democratic representatives should have the good sense to be guided.

The hearings successfully presented the core of Mueller’s findings to voters who have not read the 448-page report. Even those who have been ignoring politics for the last 3 years now have extensive documentation that Donald is a chronic liar.

American voters now know that the Russians were at least partially responsible for putting Donald in office. They know that Donald has committed crimes for which he would be charged if he were not put above the law by an insane policy put in place during the Nixon investigation.

Democratic presidential candidates have been given plenty of verified political ammunition to fire at Donald throughout the 2020 campaign. With a big, fat target like that, they don’t need to waste any of it by shooting at each other.

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