Game of Thrones “The Bells” — Ask Not for Whom They Toll

Which notable characters died in the Game of Thrones penultimate final season episode, “The Bells”?

In chronological order of their fates, they were (or are):

Varys — Decidedly Dead, extra crispy-style. A lesson for all who steadfastly stand by their core beliefs. I loved how he forgave Tyrion for betraying him with his final words: “Good-bye, old friend.” Despite his means-justify-the-ends methodology, Varys was one of the most noble characters in the series.

Euron — Deadish. He appeared to have become another crispy critter in Dany’s dragonfire destruction of the Iron Fleet, putting its new scorpion-based weaponry to shame. Yet, there he was at the secret cave entrance to the Red Keep, apparently no worse for the wear and just in time to meet Jamie in a duel to the (maybe) death. Despite acquiring a wall-to-wall wound, Euron was still babbling as Jamie (who made an amazing comeback from his own serious wounds) left the scene.

(Speaking of amazing comebacks, the Dothraki have greatly increased their numbers since nearly all of them seemed to have been snuffed out in the Battle of Winterfell.)

Qyburn — Highly deadish. Or so he looked after Ser Gregor grabbed him by the neck and tossed him like a rag doll into a pile of rubble. A fitting (likely) end for the spooky Hand of the Queen.

The Clegane Brothers — Both Highly Deadish. The Hound apparently did not realize that the Mountain was already legally dead, which made killing him by normal means a frustrating process.
I was yelling at the Hound: “He’s a zombie! Stab him in the head!” Unfortunately, when the Hound finally heard me and took my advice, he discovered that GOT Super Zombies are more headstrong than the average member of the living dead. I wondered of decapitation would even have done the trick.
While I was still hoping to see the Mountain’s head roll down a stairway, the Hound made his kamikaze move to end the fight. I imagined that the Hound’s final (possibly) thought was: “Shit! Why did it have to be fire?”

Arya — Inexplicably Alive! Arya’s ability to escape death is exponentially extending the House of Stark average lifespan. I lost count of how many times she faced mortal danger and appeared to have made her final exit.
She artfully dodged collapsing buildings and dragonfire. Cut, bruised and sooty in the end, Arya was the one to ride out of the flaming ruins of Kings Landing atop the mostly white horse that also miraculously survived the carnage.
The showsrunners apparently still have plans for her.

Jamie and Cersei — Also Both Highly Deadish. When Jamie appeared to be taking his last breaths at the hands of Euron, I thought: “Well, that was a disappointing way for him to go.” When both he and his sister appeared to be squashed by Red Keep rubble, I thought: “Well, that’s a disappointingly painless way for Cersei to go.”
They may yet reappear, assuming they share Arya’s uncanny talent for surviving heavy falling objects.







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