Game of Thrones 8.03: Clash of the Silhouettes

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode aired April 28. Actual title: “The Long Night.”

It was a long night, indeed — from both sides of the screen.

Fans were treated the most epic of the epic battles in the series. It was a pity that they could barely see the action.

Yeah, yeah. I’ve been told what a challenge this episode was to make and how the actors suffered during the many, icy nights of production. Apparently, the showrunners had no inkling of how difficult their efforts would be to watch.

Couldn’t the Night King have become a Day King on such a special occasion?

Who are these shadowy figures? They are none other than Arya Stark (left) and the Night King at the pivotal moment in Game of Thrones Episode 3.8, “The Long, Barely Visible Night.”

Long night short, the Good Guys won, which really did not come as a surprise with two more episodes remaining in the series. I have to join those who disagree with the battle order chosen.

Dany should have followed through on her plan to wipe out Queen Cersei and her mercenary minions first. The Dothraki, the Unsullied, and Northerners of all stripes could have won with minimal losses, then dug in at Kings Landing for their final stand against the Night King and his Army of the Dead.

As things stand, the Good Guys seemed to have sent the entire Dothraki nation to its death in their Charge of the Lighted Sword Brigade, and the Unsullied did not appear to fare much better in their drum-and-bugle-corps approach to warfare.

Hell, they won’t even have Melisandre and her pyromaniacal personality to light an emergency fire or two in the final, final fight.

Speaking of dead significant characters (and by that, I mean named ones), I noticed a common thread shared by the those who took the big dirt nap in this episode: None of them got a dying line.

Some of the others appeared to be attempting to speak, but apparently lacked the energy.

Ser Jorah came close with “I’m hurt,” hut he still had a little life in his heavily-ventilated body at that point. It’s possible that he may have just come to the realization that he really had been written out of the series.

Anyway, to correct this glaring omission, I’ve taken the liberty of giving the late characters a few last words.

Dolorous Edd: Damn you, Tarly! I always knew you’d get me killed!

Lyanna Mormont: Never underestimate a warrior princess! You should have been wearing your battle goggles.

Beric Dondarrion: Any chance of another resurrection, Priestess? I mean, as long as you’re hanging around here.

Theon Greyjoy: What is dead may never die. Wait! What?

The Night King (also his first words): You cursed brat, look what you’ve done! I’m shattered! Ohhhhh… What a world, what a world!

Jorah Mormont: I guess we’ll never get that first date, Khaleesi.

Melisandre: Beam me up, Lord of Light.

Ghost (relayed through Bran): Hey! I’m not Dothraki!  I’m not dead … yet.

I think that any member of the cast who remains among the living at this late stage of the series should get a death scene with lines. Considering how many have fallen by the way, these hardy survivors deserve as much.

I welcome contributions from all who have alternate last words, whether for those who died this week or those they expect to die in episodes 8.4-8.6.

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