Game of Thrones Future Revealed? (Part II)

Previously, in Part I of Game of Thrones Future Revealed, we visited Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. Now, let’s look at what may be in store for some other significant characters next season .

Jaime Lannister
Jaime succeeds in saving the poisoned Myrcella, thanks to the vial of antidote her betrothed, Trystane, was wearing around his neck. They immediately return to Dorne to confront Prince Doran about this dastardly deed.
Doran seems genuinely enraged to learn of the attempt and immediately has Ellaria Sand executed. He presents Ellaria’s head to Jaime to take back to King’s Landing as a souvenir of his visit. Reasoning that returning with a dead head beats returning with a dead daughter (or niece, depending on who’s asking), Jaime graciously accepts the gift.
Bronn is delighted to discover, upon arrival at King’s Landing, that one of the cargo barrels contains Tyene Sand. Fearing that more Sand heads might roll, she had opted to stow away and take her chances with Bronn. The sell-sword will have some fast talking to do when his fiancee discovers this addition to his circle of friends.
Jaime is not so delighted to find a grim-faced. impatiently toe-tapping High Sparrow and a burly contingent of the Faith Militant waiting for him when he debarks. He is immediately arrested and taken to his own, private dungeon cell, only one stone wall away from being reunited with Cersei.

Arya Stark
Being struck blind does an excellent job of driving home the fact that whenever Arya’s personal kill list conflicts with that of the Many-Faced God, old MFG is going to win. She feigns acceptance long enough to get her
sight returned, then makes a dead-of-night escape. Luckily for Arya, it turns out that MFG doesn’t wield a lot of power outside the House of Black and White.
As Arya is retrieving Needle from its rocky hiding place, she is surprised by the Hound, who has miraculously survived the bashing and slashing he took from Brienne. The Hound is understandably grateful that Arya declined to prematurely finish him as he had requested.
The two rehash old times. The Hound is visibly impressed with Arya’s new assassin skills and gives her the lowdown on the Bolton occupation of Winterfell.
The Hound has pretty much run out of possible ransom payers for Arya, so he agrees to become her lovable but lethal sidekick. The dynamic duo strike out for Winterfell to rescue Sansa and enjoy a hearty round of revenge killings.

Sansa Stark
Sansa and Theon, to nobody’s amazement, survived their leap from the castle wall. Deprived of girlfriend, wife and slave, a maniacally enraged Ramsay pursues and catches them.
Supremely confident in his ability to bring Theon back under his complete subjugation, he moves in just a tiny bit too close. Nothing in the series has been quite so satisfying as seeing the look of pure, pure surprise on Ramsay’s face when Theon slits his throat. The Reek side of Theon still feels inexplicably tied to Ramsay, so he finishes the job of detaching Ramsay’s head and takes it with him.

An extremely grateful Sansa is dazzled by this macho act and (don’t ask how) discovers Theon’s mutilation. Considering that her only previous sexual experience has been nightly abuse by Ramsay, she finds this development strangely appealing. She does not rule out Theon as possible Husband No. 2.

Stannis Baratheon and Brienne of Tarth
Having confessed to the murder of his brother, Renly, the wounded and world-weary Stannis is more than ready to check out. He not only invites the mortal sword stroke from Brienne, he actually leans out to meet the blow.
Brienne takes his head. Although she has no immediate use for it, she reasons that a Baratheon, would-be king noggin has got to be worth something, somewhere down the road.
Brienne refocuses on her secondary but sadly neglected knightly duty, protecting Sansa. She heads toward Winterfell, unaware that, of all the unlikely candidates in all of Westeros, Theon has stepped up as Sansa’s champion.

Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion was having a tough time as temporary person-in-charge of Meereen. Spymaster Varys had kept him apprised as to what was going on, but knowledge had not equaled power in this case.

Both are overjoyed when Dany returns with the new Dothraki police force and begins bringing order, if not law, to the rebellious city. They are less than happy when Dany announces the she and new hubby Jorah plan to move on with the quest for the Iron Throne.
Tyrion opts to join the roadshow, leaving a fuming Varys behind.

The Iron Throne
King Tommen Baratheon emerges from his reclusive blue funk and discovers that the Iron Throne has gone missing. The only clue is a trail of rust and metal shavings that lead in the general direction of the High Sparrow’s nest. Could the High Sparrow possibly not distinguish a difference between church and state?
This development poses quite a dilemma for the few remaining Iron Throne contenders. Dany, leading candidate following the death of Stannis, becomes visibly distraught. She is about to dispatch Drogron to exact generalized, unfocused revenge on all possible perpetrators when Tyrion advises her that the Iron Throne is merely a symbol and that the real goal is to become ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.For a series that normally allots an average of 3.2 minutes per character storyline, the opening episode of season six covered a lot of ground. Of course, the episode, by design, raised as many questions as it answered.
As noted in the warning at the top of this blog, any given timeline is extremely susceptible to change wrought by events which may occur between now and then. This is especially true when revelations like those included here have been made.
Thus, if all of these developments sit well with you, share not a word of what you have learned here with others. On the other hand, if you want things to take radically different turns in season six, spread the word. Alter the future.

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